account verification error How to fix verification is an operation that helps users access the full functionality of the platform and trading tools and ensures the security of the trading account and compliance with international financial regulations. The following article explains the causes and how to fix common account verification errors

Why do you need to verify your account on is a broker regulated globally by reputable regulatory bodies such as ASIC, CySEC, NBRB and FCA.

According to international laws on financial management, every trader must verify their account to ensure financial security and prevent money laundering and illegal activities. Therefore, all users must also meet these general requirements.

In addition, completing verification helps protect user accounts more securely, avoiding hacking, fraud, and appropriation of users’ trading accounts.

In addition, account verification also helps users use all the features and access the many resources and financial tools of

Causes of account verification error failed

When you verify your account, enter the wrong address, phone number, or personal information.

To verify a account, users must enter personal information about their address, phone number, full name, date of birth. The personal information you enter must match the information printed on the documents used to verify your account

If you don’t remember correctly or a keyboard error causes this information to be entered incorrectly, it may not be possible for your account not to be verified correctly. You will need to provide your full zip code, house number, and other relevant information in the address verification document. If the information you enter is incomplete or the same as the document uploaded to, your verification application will be rejected. Specifically, the phone number for verification must choose the correct country code.

The document used to verify that the capital account is not suitable has failed.

You must use a 2-sided photograph of one of the following documents:

  • passport
  • identity card
  • licence
  • Residence permit

Address verification documents on accepted by include a photograph of one of the following:

  • Bank statement
  • A certificate with the bank’s logo
  • Screenshot of online banking with the bank’s logo
  • Credit card statement
  • Electricity, water, gas, TV or fixed bill
  • Local government tax report or tax invoice
  • Certificate of residence

These documents must be captured without loss of angle, and the information must match the data entered during the account verification process. In addition, the documents used to verify the address must be issued within six months, containing the full name and address of the account holder.

An error occurred while loading the verification document failed. users have to go through quick verification steps in 15-30 minutes. If the steps to complete account verification take too long, an error or verification page may expire.

Users must have all snapshots of their verification documents ready before starting the verification process. When a account occurs, users should also do so in a place with a stable internet connection to ensure that there are no errors in the process.

It faces a verification error while verifying account.

Platforms that require facial verification always require users not to wear hats, glasses, and editing software when performing face scans. Users must also perform face verification in a place with enough light for the camera to recognize the face. Also, when checking the face, you need to change different angles so that the scanner can scan the face to be confirmed. has a system error or is under maintenance.

Brokers may have system errors or have system maintenance programs. If you entered all the information correctly but haven’t verified your account yet. You can check the maintenance schedule by email or through the official social networking sites of such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn.

Although this situation does not occur often, it is a standard error. You can try again after finishing with system maintenance.

How to fix account verification error?

Verify your account again in 30 minutes

After account verification fails, the user must double-check the information entered during the verification process. Specifically, you should check for errors caused by keyboard errors, caps lock, or spell checking applications activation. If all the information is correct, you must run the verification process again after 30 minutes.

Use another web browser or device, another Internet network.

There are many cases where Capital Account Verification is not approved, which can be caused by a third-party error such as a malfunctioning device, unstable Internet, or a faulty web browser. When account verification fails, you should try to do it again on another device, using a different internet connection and a different browser to make sure it’s not a third-party error.

Turn off ad blockers or firewalls in use.

Sometimes ad blockers or web browser storage store information that conflicts with’s account verification platform. The user attempts to clear the browser’s cache, disable the extensions installed on the browser and computer, and repeat the verification process.

Contact support when account verification fails.

Method 1: If you have tried everything, but the verification of your account is still denied, you need to contact customer support via email: [email protected] to find out the reason for the rejection and fix the errors encountered.

Option 2: You can submit a support request to customer service by opening a ticket.

Method 3: Users can chat directly through the customer support link by clicking on the chat icon in the lower right corner of the screen.


It is essential to verify your identity, address and face immediately after opening a account. However, if difficulties are encountered, users should try the solutions calmly. Users should record a video or take a picture of the error they encounter and clearly indicate how they fixed it when contacting for faster and more accurate support.

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