Best Games for Crypto Fans

While cryptocurrency focuses primarily on decentralizing finance, there are many entertainment-based offshoots that focus on leisure instead. For example, when CryptoKitties launched in 2017, blockchain developers at Dapper Labs were looking to build a recreational platform. CryptoKitties, based on the breeding and trading of virtual cats, marked the beginning of the NFT and blockchain-based game.

Since then the idea has proven incredibly popular. While NFTs have simplified virtual collections, from the NBA’s Top Shot Marketplace to indie art projects, there is a growing emphasis on NFT-based games.

Some, such as Silks Horseracing (covered below), combine elements of betting with collecting. Others, such as online slots that focus on encryption, are more casual and designed for players who put in finance.

If you’re looking for a game that will touch your interest in cryptocurrencies, read on for five tips available in 2022.

Online slots (browser or mobile devices)

Being one of the most popular genres in casino games, the best platforms offer online slots for players of all stripes. Along with different ways to win, players are looking for themes and characters that interest them. Fantasy, science fiction, action-adventure and mythology are some of the best choices.

However, cryptocurrency and finance enthusiasts can also find stocks that touch their interests. Empire Reels, for example, covers New York themes that include the Wall Street boom since the 1920s. Meanwhile, Sweep the Nation takes players back to the era of the founding fathers, including Alexander Hamilton.

Silks Horseracing (Mobile)

Hosted on the Ethereum blockchain on OpenSea, Silks Horseracing is fast becoming one of the hottest games in the cryptocurrency world. The game is simple: combine the excitement and intrigue of horse racing with NFT trading. Players breed and train crypto-horses, similar to the early days of CryptoKitties.

However, from there, they can earn crypto rewards with Silks’ in-game currency, $STT. In other words, if their virtual horse wins the races, players actually earn $STT. In addition, the developers partnered with Kentucky’s Circle 8 Ranch, a training facility for thoroughbred horses. Down to the DNA of in-game thoroughbreds, Silks Horseracing offers a truly unique and realistic horse racing betting and trading game.

Financial football (browser or mobile)

In 2018, the NFL developed its financial football game on the Unreal Engine. Although it doesn’t work on blockchain or help players earn real cryptocurrencies, it’s a fantastic crossover between sports simulation and financial management, one that cryptocurrency users would like to see adapted for blockchain.

Similar to Football Manager, Financial Football helps young adults learn the basics of financial planning, all through the framework of managing NFL teams and players. While the game focuses on education, it doesn’t look like shoe horns or pedantic. So far, most blockchain games have focused on gaming tokens and collectibles, but a sports management crossover may soon be in the works from Hive or Solana.

Axie Infinity (Mobile)

From a commercial and financial point of view, Axie Infinity would not be considered a success. The game runs on AXS, which has been booming since the company exploded last November. Meanwhile, publications like Bloomberg have also taken a tough stance against the Axie Infinity model. However, there is one thing that all fans of crypto games should know: it is still popular for gamers.

The game allows users to collect, lie and fight small creatures modeled on the axolotl. It allows players to earn AXS while tending to their aces, which has brought back many players even after the AXS crash. The Ethereum-based strategy game still has around 500,000 active monthly users, according to ActivePlayer.

Light Nite X (Mobile)

Inspired by blockbuster video games like Fortnite, this game closely mimics the multiplayer battle royale popular in esports. However, Lite Nite X takes this in a whole new direction. For every kill a player records, they earn a Bitcoin reward, but every time they are killed, they lose those same rewards. So, the better the player, the more he earns.

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