ApeMax Price Prediction 2024-2030: Is it legit?

ApeMax is a type of MemeCoin with staking as its central proposition. ApeMax’s staking mechanism, called boosting, is a mutually beneficial arrangement for both stakers and the entities they are betting on. It offers a fresh opportunity to earn free ApeMax coins by supporting projects, individuals and causes that stakers value
and believe in.

Details of the ApeMax presale

  • Current price of $APEMAX: $0.022
  • Total raised: More than 5 million dollars

Why ApeMax?

ApeMax offers a unique staking system where users can passively earn by betting on their favorite creators, influencers, new crypto projects, or anything else they believe in. This system, called ‘boosting’, benefits both the stakers and the entities they bet on, creating a win-win situation for both. ApeMax aims to disrupt established platforms like Patreon, Kickstarter, and OnlyFans, creating a world where staking entities and their fans can generate new passive

$APEMAX utilities

The $APEMAX token is the heart of the ApeMax ecosystem. ApeMax holders can use their tokens to support individuals, organizations, or projects without spending money through ApeMax’s staking method. This model could revolutionize the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) industry by offering an alternative to subscription-based platforms. Companies can use ApeMax’s staking system to create a new revenue stream through ApeMax rewards, rather than relying on
regular subscription fees.

Tokenomics by ApeMax

  • ApeMax’s total supply: 1 trillion tokens
  • Maximum cash provisioning: 6.2%
  • Minimum staking rewards: 61.5%
  • Pre-salt: 30.8%
  • Team: 1.5%

Contract and Audit

The ApeMax contract has been audited by Saulidity. The audit report identified 1 medium severity issue and 2 low severity issues. No critical or high-severity issues were found. The audit eliminated false positives, but highlighted that the contract update process could introduce new vulnerabilities. In addition, the owner has control over several functions that could centralize control and introduce security risks

Website Audit

The website audit conducted by Saulidity confirmed that the site is mobile-friendly, without jQuery errors, secure with SSL and free of spelling errors, ensuring a smooth and secure user experience.

ApeMax Roadmap

Phase 1 — Planning

  • Conception of the ApeMax idea
  • Careful consideration of tokenomics and characteristics
  • Development of a distinctive brand identity

Phase 2 — Development

  • Meticulous creation of a robust smart contract
  • Development of a user-friendly staking interface
  • Creation of an aesthetically pleasing website with attractive graphics

Step 3 — Compliance

  • In-depth smart contract audit to ensure security
  • Publication of the diligently drafted code
  • Publication of a full whitepaper

Phase 4 — Presale

  • Opening of the staking platform for interested participants
  • Active presence and engagement on social media
  • Recognition and coverage by the authoritative press

Phase 5 — Launch on DEX

  • Launch on Uniswap
  • Implementing updates to improve the staking protocol

Staking by ApeMax

With ApeMax, users can start earning as soon as they make their first purchase. This staking model operates through a decentralized smart contract on the secure Binance Smart Chain. ApeMax offers various staking opportunities on popular personalities, DeFi protocols, charities, and more. Stakers can earn rewards both for themselves and for the entities they choose
to support.

ApeMax’s reward system is based on popularity and engagement. The more ApeMax is focused on a specific entity, the more rewards both the stakers and the entity itself receive. This is especially beneficial for those who have big stakes

Earning mode

Earnings for stakers and projects are distributed through three channels: Staking Bonuses, Transfer Taxes and Finders Fees. Each of these aspects adds excitement to the ApeMax staking experience

While ApeMax may represent an attractive investment opportunity thanks to its innovative combination of staking and blockchain technology, it is essential to conduct a thorough analysis before investing. Information about cryptocurrencies in presale is often limited and uncertain. Many recent presales turned out to be scams or collapsed shortly after the launch. We recommend that you consult a registered financial advisor to guide your financial decisions.

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