2024 student bonus: all aid for schools and universities

In 2024, numerous bonuses and concessions are available to students, both at schools and universities. These grants are designed to support families and students themselves, providing contributions for books, tuition fees, housing, and more. In this guide, we explore in detail what active bonuses are, who they are entitled to and how to claim

What are the 2024 student bonuses

The bonuses for active students in 2024 vary according to the type of school attended and the specific ISEE or income groups of the beneficiaries.

These bonuses can be provided directly to students or their families, or through contributions, concessions or vouchers provided by municipalities, regions, provinces or
educational institutions.

Contributions for school books

To help families with the rising cost of school books, bonuses are available in 2024 from Italian regions. These contributions may take the form of vouchers or economic benefits for the purchase of school textbooks. The amounts vary and for details it is necessary to contact your region or municipality of residence

Public university bonus

The bonus for the public university provides for the total exemption from paying the annual all-inclusive contribution for students belonging to families with an ISEE not exceeding 22,000 euros. For higher ISEE, up to 30,000 euros, there is a partial exemption with reductions from 10% to 80% based on the ISEE band

Private university bonus

Students who choose to attend non-state universities can benefit from a bonus recognized on their tax return. The amount varies depending on the subject area and the geographical area of the private university chosen

Culture and Merit Charter

From January 1, 2024, for those born in 2005, a new version of the Culture Bonus is available. These are two cards of 500 euros each: the Charter of Culture, for young people belonging to families with ISEE under 35,000 euros, and the Merit Card, for students who graduate with the
highest marks.

Concessions for students in the 730 model

There are numerous student tax deductions that can be included in the 2024 tax return, such as those for college expenses, daycare expenses, and other school expenses, including school trips, canteens, and school transportation.

Off-site student housing

The Ministry of University and Research has made available a map of the new availability of beds for off-site university students. For more details, you can consult the right to study websites of the individual regions.

Offsite university student bonus

This bonus provides a tax deduction for rent incurred by off-site university students. The deduction is equal to 19% of rental expenses, with a maximum deductible amount of
2,633 euros.

Study Fund

The Youth Credit Fund allows deserving students, but without sufficient financial means, to obtain a loan guaranteed by the State of up to 25,000 euros. This fund facilitates access to higher education or professional training.

Erasmus 1,000 euro bonus

The 2024 budget law established a fund to finance scholarships for university students participating in Erasmus mobility programs. The amount of the scholarship is 1,000 euros per year for each student

University student psychologist bonus

The psychologist bonus for university students was confirmed in 2024 to counteract psychological distress among students. This bonus includes an allocation of more than 40 million euros.

Bonus 100 cum laude

Students who obtain their baccalaureate degree with honors can request the bonus 100 cum laude, an economic recognition for academic excellence.

Student card

The “ioStudio” Student Card offers cultural benefits and promotions for services and products dedicated to secondary school students. Since 2014, this card can also work as a rechargeable prepaid card

The guide to active 2024 bonuses

In addition to specific bonuses for students, there are numerous benefits and bonuses available for families, workers and students. For a complete and updated list, we recommend that you consult the dedicated guides.

2024 offers numerous support opportunities for students and their families. It is important to stay up to date on how to apply and on the requirements to benefit from this aid. Keep following the blog for more details and updates

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