2024 savings card: how to request it, when it arrives, requirements

2024 brings important news for the Savings Card “Dedicated to You”, an initiative that aims to support families in economic difficulty. Let’s find out together all the useful information on how it works, who can benefit from it and how
to request it.

What is the Grocery Savings Card

The 2024 Spending Savings Card is a prepaid electronic payment card worth 500 euros. Intended for families in economic difficulty, it can be used to buy basic necessities, gasoline or public transport subscriptions.

This amount is cumulative with the 2024 gas bonus

How to apply for the 2024 savings card

You don’t need to apply to get the Grocery Savings Card. Beneficiaries are identified by the INPS in collaboration with Italian municipalities, based on specific income and family composition requirements. By July 25, 2024, the INPS will release the lists of those entitled, and the municipalities will send communications to the beneficiaries

After receiving the communication, the beneficiaries must go to a Poste Italiane office with the necessary documents to collect the prepaid Postepay electronic card, which is already active.

When does the 2024 savings card arrive

The Spending Savings Card will be issued to beneficiaries starting from September 2024. The municipalities will send the communications to the beneficiaries by that date

Requirements to obtain the 2024 Spending Savings Card

The Spending Savings Card is aimed at families with an ISEE of less than 15,000 euros, with at least 3 members in the family unit. Specific requirements include:

  • Registration of all members in the Registry of the Resident Population.
  • Valid ordinary ISEE certification, with an indicator not exceeding 15,000 euros per year.

Identifying beneficiaries

Municipalities use a web application made available by the INPS to select beneficiaries. The ranking is drawn up based on the ISEE and the family composition. The order of priority is as follows:

  1. Families with at least one member born by December 31, 2010 and with the lowest ISEE.
  2. Families with at least one member born by December 31, 2006 and with the lowest ISEE.
  3. Families with at least 3 members and with the lowest ISEE.

Excluded from the contribution

Families that already receive:

  • Citizenship Income
  • Inclusion allowance
  • Any other measure to support poverty

Furthermore, families with at least one component that receives:

  • Mobility allowance
  • Solidarity funds for income integration
  • Earnings layoffs

Duration of the Saver Spending Card

The duration of the Savings Card is specified on the card itself. Beneficiaries must use the credit by February 28, 2025

How much is the Spending Savings Card

The Spending Savings Card has a value of 500 euros for each family unit in 2024. This amount includes 77.2 euros allocated to the gas bonus

What can you buy with the Savings Card

With the Grocery Savings Card you can buy:

  • Basic food items
  • Gasoline
  • Public transport subscriptions

Accepted food items include meat, fish, milk, eggs, bread, pasta, rice, flour, fruit, vegetables, sugar, coffee and more. From 2024, PDO and PGI products, frozen vegetables, frozen baked goods, tuna and canned meat will also be included

Where to use the Grocery Savings Card

The Card can be used at all businesses that sell food, gasoline or public transport, as long as they adhere to an agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture, the MIMIT or the Ministry of Labor.

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