2024 family deduction: how to do it, step-by-step guide

The 2024 family deduction offers various tax breaks to Italian taxpayers, helping to reduce the tax burden for a series of family expenses. This step-by-step guide explains how to access these deductions, providing a detailed analysis of the main eligible items

Public transport subscription

One of the most significant deductions concerns public transport subscriptions. It is possible to deduct 19% on a maximum cost of €250 for subscriptions to local, regional and interregional public transport.

This measure is aimed at encouraging the use of public transport, helping to reduce pollution and traffic

Insurance expenses

Insurance expenses are among the most common deductions. It is possible to deduct 19% of the premiums paid for life, accident and risk non-self-sufficiency insurance
up to a maximum limit of:

  • €530 for life and accident insurance
  • €1,291.14 for non-self-sufficiency risk policies

Social security and welfare contributions

Social security contributions

Contributions paid for supplementary pension provision, not deducted from the payroll, are deductible up to a maximum of €5,164.57. This measure includes:

  • contributions paid by self-employed workers, farmers, reunions, housewives fund and redemption years of graduation.

If the redemption of the degree is for a dependent family member, a 19% deduction is due.

Contributions for periods not covered by contributions

It is possible to benefit from a 50% deduction over 5 years for contributions paid for the redemption of periods not covered by a contribution (so-called contributory peace).

Contributions for domestic workers

Contributions paid for domestic workers, caregivers, babysitters and other domestic workers are deductible from 23% to 43% (based on income) up to a maximum of €1,549.37. This deduction is especially useful for families who need domestic assistance

International adoption

The expenses incurred for international adoption can be deducted from taxable income (from 23% to 43% based on income) for 50% of the expenditure incurred. This measure supports families who choose to adopt children abroad, covering part of the large expenses related to the adoption process

Maintenance allowances for former spouses

The maintenance allowances paid to the former spouse are fully deductible from income (from 23% to 43% based on income). This deduction applies only to amounts determined by a judge and does not include child support benefits

Funeral expenses

It is possible to deduct 19% of the funeral expenses incurred up to a maximum amount of €1,550 related to each death. This deduction helps reduce the tax burden associated with unavoidable expenses for family funerals.

Procedure for requesting deductions

1. Collection of documentation

In order to benefit from tax deductions, it is essential to collect all the necessary documentation. This includes receipts, invoices, certifications, and any other document that can prove the expenses incurred

2. Tax return

Deductible expenses must be included in the tax return for the year following the year in which they were incurred. It is important to keep all the documentation for possible checks by the Revenue Agency.

3. Tax advice

Relying on a tax advisor can facilitate the entire process, ensuring that all deductions are correctly applied and that there are no errors that could compromise the tax benefit.

Tax deductions for families in 2024 represent an important opportunity to reduce the tax burden and support Italian families economically. Following the steps described in this guide carefully will ensure easy and secure access to the benefits provided, contributing to the
family’s financial well-being.

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