2024 health deduction: how to do it, step-by-step guide

The 2024 health deduction offers numerous tax breaks for health, veterinary and disability expenses. This step-by-step guide explains how to access these deductions, providing a detailed analysis of the main eligible items

Health care expenses

It is possible to deduct 19% of healthcare expenses over €129.11. Eligible expenses

  • Medications and tickets
  • hospital stays
  • specialized and surgical services
  • analysis and thermal treatments
  • CE-marked medical devices, including eyeglasses and eyeglasses

This deduction is designed to alleviate the tax burden of medical expenses, supporting families with health expenses.

Veterinary expenses

veterinary expenses incurred for the care of pets are deductible at 19% for amounts between €129.11 and €550. In addition, there is a deduction of €1,000 for the maintenance of guide dogs

In case of disability

General medical expenses and specific care

There is a deduction that ranges from 23% to 43% based on income for general medical and specific care expenses incurred in the interest of one’s own or family members, even if not fiscally dependent.

Expenses to facilitate integration and self-sufficiency

You can deduct 19% of expenses incurred for:

  • purchase of vehicles necessary for accompaniment and walking
  • purchase of vehicles
  • technical and IT aids
  • elimination of architectural barriers
  • Ambulance transport
  • interpreting services for deaf people
  • purchase and maintenance of guide dogs for the blind

Expenses for personal care workers

It is possible to deduct 19% of the expenses incurred for personal care workers (e.g. caregivers) in case of non-self-sufficiency, out of a maximum ceiling of €2,100 for taxpayers with an income of less than €40,000. The deduction is due even if the expense is incurred in the interest of non-fiscally dependent family members

Life insurance to protect people with severe disabilities

You can deduct 19% on a maximum expenditure of €750 for life insurance to protect people with severe disabilities (beneficiaries).

Procedure for requesting deductions

1. Collection of documentation

To take advantage of tax deductions, it is essential to collect all the necessary documentation. This includes receipts, invoices, and any other document that can prove the expenses incurred

2. Tax return

Deductible expenses must be included in the tax return for the year following the year in which they were incurred. It is essential to keep all the documentation for possible checks by the Revenue Agency.

3. Tax advice

Relying on a tax advisor can facilitate the entire process, ensuring that all deductions are properly applied and that no mistakes are made that could compromise the tax benefit.

Tax deductions for health in 2024 represent an important opportunity to reduce the tax burden and support Italian families economically. Following the steps described in this guide carefully will ensure easy and secure access to the benefits provided, contributing to the financial well-being and health of taxpayers

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