Zilliqa Price Prediction 2023, 2025 and 2030

Recently, three days ago, Zilliqa Gaming introduced the latest version of Web3War with additional features. These features include a large collection of weapon skins.

The recent update has some improvements including optimized character movement. It has also fixed several bugs that were previously present and, therefore, the performance of the game has drastically improved.

Zilliqa Price Prediction: Competitor Analysis

Zilliqa is an permissionless blockchain that offers high throughput because it is able to complete thousands of transactions in one second.

Therefore, it aims to solve the scalability issues associated with blockchain.

Two major competitors for Zilliqa are Harmony and Elrond. Let’s analyze these two competitors to predict the future of ZIL.

The Harmony blockchain facilitates the use of dApps by innovating the ways of working of decentralized applications, that is, it allows the creation of blocks in seconds. Similarly, the Elrond blockchain also offers very high transaction speed with the use of sharding. Let’s compare some features of Harmony and Elrond with those of Zilliqa:

Zilliqa harmony Elrond
Important audience Blockchain Developers Blockchain developers who want to scale Ethereum apps Developers and users who want to scale blockchain platform solutions.
Supported Platforms SaaS SaaS SaaS
Categories Blockchain, Crypto Staking, Level 1 Protocols and Smart Contracts Blockchain, Crypto Staking, Level 1 Protocols and Smart Contracts Blockchain, Crypto Staking, Level 1 Protocols and Smart Contracts
Integrations Total 30 integrations Total 56 integrations including Binance Wallet Total 26 integrations including Binance Wallet
Trend in the last 1 month -38% -30% -35%
Trend over the last 7 days +0.47% -10% -9%

As we see that Harmony and Elrond have characteristics almost similar to those of Zilliqa. In addition, their integration with Binance Wallet makes them more valuable as Binance Wallet is the official wallet of Binance crypto.

Over the past
30 days, the price of ZIL has decreased by almost 38% (which is almost comparable to its competitors) and has increased marginally over the past 7 days, making it a good short-term investment.

Zilliqa Price Forecast: 2023, 2025 and 2030

Although the price prediction cannot be 100% accurate, a thorough analysis and past performance of the coin can actually predict its future. Let’s try to predict the price of ZIL for 2023, 2025 and 2030:

With a Coinmarketcap ranking of #94, Zilliqa has a market cap of $286,002,033. There are currently 13.56 billion ZIL tokens in circulation, accounting for 65% of the total supply.

Its all-time chart shows that the price of ZIL has fallen by almost 600% since its launch in 2018. In addition, there is a 365% decrease in the price of ZIL in a year and 45% in a month.

Zilliqa Price Prediction 2023; The analysis suggests that 2023 may see a maximum price of $0.042 and a minimum price of $0.035. In addition, the average ZIL price will be around $0.036 for the next year.

Zilliqa Price Forecast 2025; according to research and analysis, the price of ZIL can continue to grow by 2025 and reach a maximum level of $0.091. The price will have a minimum level of $0.073.

Zilliqa Price Forecast 2030; reports say that Zilliqa based on its usefulness can expect another peak at $0.53 by 2030. In addition, the price will find a minimum level of $ 0.44 by the end of the year.

Can Zilliqa make you rich?

Investing in cryptocurrencies is a long-term game. Zilliqa won’t make you rich if you’re thinking about a short-term investment. To make a fortune with ZIL investing, an investor must have a long-term plan.

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