YieldTopia: what it is and how it works

YieldTopia is a new protocol built from the ground up that provides sustainable and profitable high APY yields, with advanced features such as deflationary APY, auto-staking and auto-compounding. Supported by a utility-based ecosystem designed to scale.

YieldTopia is a new protocol that has been built to provide sustainable and profitable high APY returns, with a deflationary APY, a referral program, auto-staking and auto-compounding.

There is a revolution going on, and despite all the market turmoil, DeFi and NFT are doing well.

The systems work and are still growing in popularity.

YieldTopia is paving the way for the future with an ecosystem that operates across all major decentralized assets. The platform is noteworthy as it is supported by a scalable utility-based ecosystem that offers an APY that starts at 42,069%.

What Is YieldTopia?

YieldTopia is working to create a holistic ecosystem that embraces all modern features and decentralized resources. With the YieldTopia ecosystem, users can earn an incredible APY, trade NFT, and much more.

Previous platforms have created potential. Just like Ethereum, which created the ability for cryptocurrency developers to create smart contracts and NFTs, the platforms that exist today were made to spur innovation.

Now that we know what the decentralized community wants, YieldTopia is making all popular resources and features easy to use. People should have easy access to these systems, and the backend should also work well.

Take as an example the recent increase in NFT. When a popular collection of NFT falls, Ethereum can crash. While this can be addressed in the future through technical innovation, YieldTopia is here today with a solution.

The YieldTopia Ecosystem

YieldTopia has created an ecosystem that works at all levels. It’s perfect for retail-grade users and is just as powerful for large-scale investors and developers. It also has its own token, $YIELD. Let’s take a look at all the features and options of the YieldTopia ecosystem.

Token $YIELD

$YIELD is the native token used within the entire ecosystem. Therefore, all YieldTopia utilities are focused on the benefit $YIELD and who holds the token. The token is used to participate in staking and agricultural pools and generate the high deflationary APY rewards given in $YIELD.

In addition, $YIELD can also be used for loans and loans, DAO voting, liquidity provision, and exchange between popular cryptocurrencies. Investors will be able to earn a portion of YieldTopia’s profits simply to hold $YIELD.

stablecoin $USDY

$USDY is a decentralized stablecoin that is a crypto asset pegged to a 1:1 ratio per $BUSD. Since $BUSD is owned by the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance, it is a digital asset rated as the most trusted stablecoin in the crypto space.

All $USDY holders will earn a passive income from YieldTopia’s profits that it will automatically distribute and appear in the wallets of $USDY holders.

More than just a Stablecoin, you can create LPs on YieldTopia Swap or other DEX/Swaps and earn a commission from each swap by becoming a liquidity provider for your favorite crypto assets that come with $USDY.

You’ll also earn additional revenue when you $USDY through platforms, which are in partnership with YieldTopia.

The Stablecoin will be available on YieldTopia’s farming & staking pools allowing $USDY holders to access profitable pools dedicated to $USDY.

YieldTopia Governance

Governance allows the community to create proposals and vote on YieldTopia’s most important decisions such as changing taxes, fees on DApps, sales limits, referral programs, development, how to spend treasury funds, and more.

To create a proposal, you will need to hold at least $ 1000 in $YIELD. In addition, your voting power is determined by the amount of $YIELD you hold.

DEX / YieldTopia Swap

YieldTopia’s Swap is a decentralized exchange provided by the YieldTopia protocol. Therefore, the fee collected will be sent to YieldTopia’s liquidity pool which provides additional support to the token $YIELD, $USDY stablecoin and the entire protocol.

YieldTopia NFT Market

YeildTopia has an NFT marketplace that gives users all the power they need to view, list, and sell NFT in one place. It is simple to use and has an intuitive layout.

Joining YieldTopia NFT

YieldTopia is more than a sum of its dApps, it is a decentralized community.

In the spirit of community bonds, YieldTopia has created an affiliate program, and members receive a unique NFT with their information about it.

Much more than an NFT that will remain inactive in a wallet, subscribing to YieldTopia NFT gives members access to plenty of features and exclusive offers.

According to YieldTopia, membership gives:

Membership Benefits

  • Early access to Beta applications
  • Early access to $USDY stablecoins and $YIELD tokens
  • Advantageous Airdrops for YieldTopian Membership Card holders
  • YieldNFTs: NO platform fees when buying or selling NFT
  • YieldSwap: NO commission on the platform when exchanging tokens via YieldSwap
  • YieldPad: NESSUNa platform fee when participating in pre-sales
  • Governance: dual voting power
  • Staking and agriculture pools: access to member-only staking and farming pools
  • Unique VIP title on YieldTopia chats (Telegram & Discord)

Future benefits:

  • Physical and digital debit card linked to your $YIELD wallet and $USDY.
  • IRL Private Events: private yacht parties, private club parties, outdoor events and collaborations with partners’ private events.

A well-designed system

YieldTopia has some incredible design features that make it a long-term option for anyone who sees the power of decentralized networks. Looking at some of the problems that DeFi and other decentralized innovations have encountered up to this point, the developers of YieldTopia have integrated great features into the platform.

  • APY Dashboard
    The APY dashboard is where users can track their earnings and much more. It is simple to use and understand, and gives community members an overview of what is happening on the platform.
  • Deflationary APY
    There is no need to worry about the future of holdings in the YieldTopia ecosystem, as the APY has an integrated deflationary architecture. Many of the early DeFi platforms didn’t take sales pressure into account, and reward tokens lost value.
  • Auto-Staking
    You can easily wager your tokens with YieldTopia’s auto-wagering feature. No need to live on the platform if you don’t want to!
  • Auto-Compounding
    Watch your earnings grow with the autodial feature on YieldTopia. Compound interest is the secret of a great APY and YieldTopia has it ready for you.
  • Launchpad
    If you want to launch a high-quality dApp for the YIELD ecosystem, the YieldTopia Launchpad is the place to be. It offers project support and helps the community access great ideas in advance.
  • Referral Program
    YieldTopia is happy to reward anyone who is able to spread the word on the platform. You can make money while helping others learn more about the decentralized platform of the future.


The progress made in the world of dApps and DeFi in recent years is incredible. What started out as very new ideas have become a resilient industry that fosters innovation.

If the growth of DeFi and NFT is to continue, platforms like YieldTopia are needed to bring these innovations to the masses. People should have more access to DeFi and more investment options.

YieldTopia is taking the most popular ideas from the world of decentralization and making it simple for people to use them all in one simple platform.

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