XRP from $10,000 to $35,000

XRP $10,000 to $35,000: Let’s explore the possibility of XRP reaching $10,000 and $35,000. How long will it take to reach these levels?

Ripple is always in the headlines, mostly because of the SEC lawsuit. However, an exciting question that is asked is, “Will XRP reach $10,000 or $35,000?” and “How long will it take to reach that value?”

First of all, let’s analyze various factors (such as XRP’s price movements, its competitors, etc.) that can help us determine XRP’s growth rate in the future.

Latest XRP Updates

The current market price of XRP is $0.422. The price increased by almost 9.0% during this period. After dragging more coins recently, XRP is gaining momentum

There was whale activity, where $107 million worth of XRP tokens were transferred from one unknown wallet to another unknown wallet. These assets continue to support short-term bullish momentum

The price movement of XRP to reach an all-time high

Analyzing price movements is always one of the crucial factors in determining and predicting the price of cryptocurrencies. Below is XRP’s all-time chart; We can see that the coin peaked at $3.11 in January 2018.

XRP’s lowest price was $0.0059 (as of September 2013), meaning it took almost 52 months for Ripple to reach its all-time highest price of $3.11. Note that it was nearly 527 times the growth from its lowest price to its highest price of all time.

Keeping in mind its current price of $0.388, we can safely say that the price of XRP has dropped 8-fold since 2018, although it has faced many ups and downs in between.

Considering a growth rate of
527 times (past history) that has completed in 52 months, we can say that it can grow at a theoretical rate of 10.13x in a month.

Growth curve of XRP competitors

Ripple’s main competitor is Ethereum; let’s take a look at ETH’s all-time highest price

ETH’s all-time highest price was $4,635 which it reached in November 2021. The price was $2.8 in 2015, meaning it took Ethereum 75 months to reach its all-time high. This was a growth of 1655x or a growth of 22x in a month, compared to 10.13 times the price growth of XRP.

XRP is a useful token

Unlike some meme tokens that have no use, XRP is pretty useful. Mentioned below are the two main use cases of the token:

  • XRP acts as an intermediate exchange between two networks or currencies.
  • Tokens can be used both for transactions and as an investment.

Reddit Community Discussions

SEC filed a lawsuit against Ripple in December 2020 stating that XRP should be registered as security and not as currency. Although the company has denied the allegations, many things have been happening since then and ultimately affect the price of XRP. Let’s see what the Reddit community thinks of the lawsuit and its possible effect on the price of XRP:

In the latest discussion regarding the SEC’s response to Ripple’s opposition to the SEC’s summary judgment, we can see that people have no negative feelings for XRP. In fact, most of them didn’t even understand the SEC’s response in the first place.

Another user wrote: “They just don’t want to give up and make a bad impression, meanwhile I keep stacking XRP.”

Not only that, many of these responses indicate that many investors have not lost confidence in XRP and are not affected by the lawsuit. It’s really good news for XRP, which means it has room for growth in the future as it has a huge support community.

Will XRP reach $10,000?

To reach a $10,000 level, XRP requires you to grow at a rate of 26,315x keeping in mind its current price of $0.38.

In theory, it could reach a value of $10,000 in 216 years (keeping in mind the past track record of growing 10.13 times in a month). However, this method is not the only factor to consider and it is not practical either. This is due to the difference in macroeconomic and liquidity factors in recent times, compared to 5 years ago. Note that XRP reached its all-time highest price before Covid. Compared to that, conditions are now completely different, meaning XRP can take even longer to reach $10,000 than it was 216 years old.

The reality is that even 216 years is not a practical time. However, any miracle is possible in the world of cryptocurrencies keeping in mind its highly volatile nature.

Will XRP reach $35,000?

To reach a level of $35,000, XRP requires you to grow at a rate of 92,105x keeping in mind its current price of $0.38.

Therefore, it should theoretically reach a value of $35,000 in about 757.69 years (keeping in mind its growth of 10.13 times in a month). Again, it is not practical because there is a lot of difference in macroeconomic factors as of now, compared to previous times.

Also, 757 years doesn’t seem very practical. So, will XRP reach $35,000? Probably yes, if you have enough patience to wait about 757 years. However, it can reach that value a little earlier if liquidity and macroeconomic factors become in its favor in the coming year.

Conclusion: XRP from $10,000 to $35,000

Let’s find out how long it will take XRP to reach $35,000 once it reaches a value of $10,000.

To reach a $35,000 level, XRP requires you to grow at a rate of 3.5 times keeping in mind that it has already reached a price of $10,000. Therefore, it can certainly go from $10,000 to $35,000 in less than a month, if economic factors remain in its favor.

It means that reaching only a value of $10,000 is a difficult job for XRP; It can certainly work wonders once it has crossed that barrier. However, it’s still a good time to reach a $10,000 value.

Let’s also see what the Reddit community thinks of XRP which reaches $10,000. In a discussion a few months ago, Reddit users had mixed opinions about its price.

One user wrote: “Have you ever thought that the dollar could devalue significantly thereby increasing the value of XRP against the dollar? As if it’s not just about increasing XRP value.” While another wrote: “I didn’t say it was impossible, just that it looks tall.”

An interesting comment was: “This is simply not happening. But if he did, no one in my family would have to work for probably 500 years.” Another interesting comment includes: “This will happen when a burger costs $1000.”

Other comments of this kind on the subject indicate that people are probably unsure whether XRP reaches a value of $10,000 or even $35,000.

As of now, we can say that Ripple is giving good competition to Ethereum and its other rivals. However, it must be stronger to survive the competition in the market. But having a huge community of support can be revealed in its favor and may soon reach an all-time highest value, despite the ongoing lawsuit against it.

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