Wrapped Luna Price Prediction 2022 and above

WLuna has been trading lower for the past 24 hours. Trading volume has plummeted by more than 60% in the last 24 hours. Net sentiment is negative and the buzz of social media is lower.

Google’s search volume for Wluna was lower than the level of the last 24 hours.

Last 5 days
WLuna • -33.8%
New $LUNA -10.8%
BTC -4.8%
Ethereum +12.5%

Volume and Market Capitalization Data from Wrapped Luna Price Prediction

Volumes price
31 May 0.8 m US$ 0.0001120
22 May 8.9 M US$ 0.0001915
15 May 9.0 m US$ 0.0002258

WLuna Price Forecast: Google Trends for the Last 7 Days

The level of interest on google for Wrapped Luna is lower than yesterday.

Wrapped Luna Price Prediction 2022: Expert Prediction

date Max
Average Wrapped Moon Price Prediction 2022 June 1, 2022 $0.041 May $0,082
TechNewsLeader May 0.00016215

Wrapped Luna Price Prediction Price Prediction: Latest News and Tweets from WLuna

How to buy WLuna Coin?

Limited exchanges have listed WLuna coins for trading. To buy a Wrapped Luna coin you need to register with one of the exchanges that offer WLuna coins and where you can convert fiat into crypto. The exchanges that offer WLuna coins for trading are: Poloniex,, StellaSwap, CronaSwap and CRODEX.

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