Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) and Fantom (FTM): How long will the downturn last?

Despite the overall market crash this month, Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) and Fantom (FTM) experienced a downward movement. However, the strong position of TMS Network (TMSN) is drawing the attention of more investors. Thanks to its ability to take advantage of opportunities and maintain stability, TMS Network proves to be a highly reliable investment option.

Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) and Fantom (FTM): How long will the downturn last?

The pre-sale of TMS Network (TMSN) is proceeding quickly, enhancing the effectiveness of the cutting-edge decentralized platform for the exchange of derivatives with unparalleled speed.

Users can readily access the entire spectrum of major exchanges without having to open additional accounts. From stock trading to CFDs, passing through Forex, TMS Network (TMSN) makes it possible to use cryptocurrencies for any type of derivative exchange. The social trading infrastructure helps users achieve the best gains by copying the moves of expert traders, while novice traders can count on free support within the Trading Academy, where trading bots push for ever faster and more lucid decisions. With such a wide variety of functions, TMS Network (TMSN) is keeping up with the times, anticipating trends and betting on an even brighter future. At the moment, the TMS Network (TMSN) token reaches 0.088 dollars, with forecasts of an imminent increase in value. Investors participating in the presale will have the opportunity to take advantage of numerous prizes and advantages, with additional voting rights

Wrapped Bitcoin

The trend of the cryptocurrency market showed a decline of 3.75% earlier this week, with Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) suffering an even greater decline of 4.22% on the same day and by 1.3% at the time of writing this text. Although the token’s long-term chart looks promising, analysts have given Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) a downward rating of its current performance. According to InvestorsObservers, the value of Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) has fallen below the support level and continues to be unstable, with support set at $28,559.95 and resistance at $29,129.34. The decrease in trading volume and the current situation make an immediate but significant recovery in the Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) situation unlikely. At present, the price of Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) is $27,611.68, with a 26% decrease in trading volume and 1.35% in market capitalization. The suggestion for investors is to carefully evaluate the situation before any investments in Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)

Fantom (FTM)

The Fantom (FTM) token continues to be engaged in a persistent sideways movement, suffering a 5% loss over the course of the day. Despite some peaks recorded in the past, the value of the token remains below 0.45 dollars. The Fantom (FTM) developers are currently working on renewing the ecosystem to attract greater investor interest. In the near future, the possible introduction of a crypto bank has been proposed, which could provide more investment opportunities to Fantom (FTM) holders and consequently increase their earnings. However, the token’s trading volume has fallen compared to the first-quarter data, indicating a lack of momentum due to its rise. Currently, the resistance level of 0.4475 dollars is crucial for the recovery of Fantom (FTM). It remains to be seen if the token will be able to break the 4-dollar support barrier and then advance further

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