WIN NFT HORSE PRICE PREDICTIONS 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

Win NFT Horse as the name suggests is multi-functional NFT Horse metaverse game built on Tron Network. This game will implement the GameFi concept which includes the play-to-win model for the user. Win NFT horse will be a combination of NFT Gaming and decentralised finance.

Game supported by winklink, ApeNFT, Binance NFT, BitTorrent, OKEX and Huobi Global. User can earn rewards from breeds, breeding and other in-game utilities.

Each individual can enter the game as a player and can buy, breed and collect horses. Horses will have different genders, attributes, breeds, power including speed and more speciality.

Win NFT Horse wanted to create a unique GameFi model that would maximise the rewards to the player for their time, efforts and fees they are putting into the game. The player can use the breeding services to have more horses in their inventory, as the baby horse will be completely random and there will also be a big difference in prices, skill and attributes.

Horses divided into different bloodlines including Arabian, Barb, Kabardin Horse, Anglo-Arabian, Dutch Warmblood, Appaloosa, Budyonny and Thoroughbred. In this bloodline, Periynny and Thoroughbreds counted as an extremely rare bloodline with only 2% and 1% of the market availability.

The prediction will be updated after the token officially appears on the exchange.

Win NFT Horse Overview

Project name Win NFT Horse
Ticker symbol TBA
Total supply TBA
Official website
Based in Metaverso NFT
Social networking
launch year 2021
Network Tron
Exchange Platform TBA
Wallet Tronlink

Win NFT Horse price analysis
As of now, there are 3 tokens which are TRX, WIN and NFT have utilities in this WIN NFT Horse game. But there might be an announcement in the near future of private token dedicated to this game. In the meantime, let’s review the 3 available tokens and their utilities shortly.

All TRX hodlers will be eligible to earn rewards if they play games and participate in government voting systems and most of the rewards will be in terms of $TRX token only. Now, next on the NFT token, those players who complete their daily tasks on time will be eligible to earn $NFT tokens. And the latest WIN Token hodlers will be incentivised as a $WIN token in return for their efforts to bring players and developers together for a great future of WIN NFT Horse.

This $WIN and $NFT tokens will be used during the breeding process of a new colt horse. In the future, many experts believe that there will be a dedicated solo token for this WIN NFT Horse game with some unique utilities such as betting, winning rewards, etc. Currently the marketplace allows the user to use the TRX token to buy and sell NFT. While breeding, the user has to pay in NFT and earn token for each breeding, there will be different rates.


Is Win NFT Horse a good investment?

If you love to play, then owning a horse will be a great investment for you.


Tron founder Justin Sun was also involved in this game, as he posted most of the announcement on his Twitter account. The sale of NFT on the Binance NFT platform and the instant integration with the main blockchain project have really helped this project gain community in less time. We knew that Justin Sun and his project have a large following along with a large utility, so this project also adds value to his portfolio. Gaming and blockchain are currently trending in the crypto world and as of writing, new projects are being launched daily with different game modes and concepts. The horse racing concept is one of the most favourite among gamers and this concept has already been launched by two blockchain developers. However, Win NFT Horse gets exposure after hosting the sale of NFT boxes on the Binance platform. With the release of the trailer and the game concept we could see that this project will be in the one of the best crypto gaming projects.

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