Will Microsoft shares reach $1000 by 2023? 2023 and 2024 price analysis

The current stock price of Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) is indicated at $374, with a target price forecast for the next 12 months of $421.4. Let’s review the latest news, stock performance over the past 12 months, and projections for the future

Microsoft Equity Performance in the Last 12 Months

  • Last Month: +11.3%
  • Last 6 Months: +20.9%
  • Last Year: +54.5%

Latest Microsoft News

Microsoft has announced the launch of a personalized chip for Artificial Intelligence, the Maia AI Accelerator, in competition with Nvidia.

This chip is designed to improve the performance of machine learning applications, with an architecture specifically designed for artificial intelligence workloads

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, has stated that the company will avoid doing business in China, considering the national security implications.

Microsoft has renamed its Bing Chat chatbot to Copilot to compete with ChatGPT, positioning Copilot as a more unified and accessible chatbot experience.

Microsoft FY24 First Quarter Financial Results

  • Revenues: $56.5 billion, +13%
  • Operating Result: $26.9 billion, +25%
  • Net Result: $22.3 billion, +27%
  • Diluted EPS: $2.99, +27%
  • Fundamental Analysis of Microsoft Stocks


    • Earnings Performance: MSFT showed positive profits and significant cash flow from operations in the past year.
    • Performance Metrics: ROA of 17.29%, ROE of 34.93%, ROIC of 23.01%.


    • Profitability Margins: MSFT has a profit margin of 35.31% and an operating margin of 43.55%, exceeding industry standards.
    • Gross Margin: MSFT maintains a strong gross margin of 69.44%.


    • Financial Health: An Altman-Z score of 9.17 denotes the strong financial health of MSFT, indicating minimal risk of bankruptcy.
    • Debt Metrics: Debt/FCF Ratio of 1.42 and Debt/Equity Ratio of 0.38.


    • Current and Rapid Reports: With a Current Ratio of 1.66 and a Quick Report of 1.64, MSFT is in a comfortable position to meet short-term obligations.


    • Profit and Revenue Growth: EPS grew by 12.61% in the last year, with an average annual growth of 20.38%. Revenue growth of 7.50% in the last year, with an annual average
    • of 13.94%.


    • Price/Earnings Ratio: MSFT’s Price/Earnings ratio at 35.38 indicates a relatively expensive valuation compared to the S&P500 average of 24.77.



    • Metrics: MSFT’s dividend yield of 0.83% might seem low, but it exceeds 91.40% of its competitors. The annual dividend growth rate of 10.00% suggests a
    • positive trajectory.

    Outlook Future by Microsoft

    Projected Growth: Forecasts estimate an average EPS growth of 11.48% and an average revenue growth of 12.29% in the coming years, reflecting promising prospects.

    Aggregate Analysis of Microsoft Stock Price Forecasts (2023-2027):

    • 2023 forecast: $377
    • 2024 forecast: $442
    • 2025 forecast: $500
    • 2026 Forecast: $558
    • 2027 forecast: $606

    Trading Outlook for Today, Tomorrow and Week: UTC: November 20, 2023, 06:05 AM

    • 24 Hour Forecast: Between $366 and $374
    • Weekly Forecast: Between $365 and $375

    Microsoft Stock Prediction 2023: Is It a Good Investment?

    Reasons to Invest in Microsoft Shares:

    1. Financial Strength: Microsoft has maintained solid finances, showing consistent revenue growth and high profit margins.
    2. Effective Leadership: CEO Satya Nadella has successfully guided the company through a successful transition to the cloud.
    3. Diversification of Revenue Sources: The partnership with ChatGPT and the acquisition of Activision Blizzard expand revenue sources.

    Possible Challenges and Reasons Not to Invest:

    1. Competition: Microsoft faces intense competition in several key areas.
    2. Dependency on Key Products: A significant part of Microsoft’s revenues comes from key products such as Windows and Office.
    3. Regulatory Risks: As a large tech company, Microsoft may be subject to greater regulatory scrutiny.

    Bullish scenario for Microsoft:

    Expected growth of Azure: The growth of Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing segment, is expected to grow again in 2023, driven by an expected 50% growth.

    Acquisition of Activision Blizzard: The acquisition of Activision Blizzard will provide Microsoft with a base of 361 million players and opens up new revenue opportunities in the video game industry.

    Partner of Choice for Netflix: Microsoft was chosen by Netflix for its ad-supported option, opening up new advertising revenue opportunities.

    Bearish scenario for Microsoft:

    Moderate Growth Outlook: Azure’s growth prospects could slow further, with forecasts indicating a lower growth rate than expected.

    Decline in the Personal Computing Segment: Consumer demand in industries such as PCs has declined, potentially negatively affecting Microsoft’s revenues.

    Disappointing Financial Outlook: The financial forecasts for the coming quarters may be lower than expected, negatively affecting the stock price.

    Microsoft Stock Conclusions for 2023

    In conclusion, Microsoft shows a strong financial position and consistent growth, but investors should carefully consider risk factors and assess the adequacy of MSFT in their investment strategies.

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