Will Ethereum rise in the coming weeks? Forecasts

Will Ethereum go up? With ETH falling below $1400 today, should investors worry that it may fall below $1,000?

Will Ethereum go up? Why is Ethereum going down?

Ethereum has fallen more than 65% this year and underperformed Bitcoin. After the weekend crash, Ethereum is also underperforming Cardano.

After the Fed announced the potential for further rate hikes (every meeting), Ethereum fell the most, significantly underperforming Cardano.

This coincides with a significant drop in TVL (Total Value Locked) on the Ethereum Blockchain during and after the $LUNA crash and weekend crash.

Alts are being hammered and since most of them trade on Ethereum, ETH is hurting the most. From a peak of $120 billion to about $52 billion now.

Cardano on the other hand gained marginally even while trading on much lower TVL.

So Ethereum will go up and when?

Our assessment of Bitcoin reveals that the recovery could start somewhere between August and October, when US inflation rates are likely to fall. Ethereum is also likely to recover during that time. A full recovery could take much longer given the likely macroeconomic situation. Here are our current forecasts

Investment horizon






Next 7 days



Next month



Maximum Ethereum Price Prediction 2022



Maximum Ethereum Price Prediction 2023



Maximum Ethereum Price Prediction 2025



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