Who is part of the Ftse Mib? Here is the full list of titles

The Ftse Mib is one of the most important stock market indices in Europe and includes the 40 Italian companies with the highest market capitalization. But who is part of this index? And what are the characteristics of the companies that comprise it? In this article, we will try to answer all these questions, exploring in detail the meaning of the Ftse Mib, the history of the index, its current trend and much more.

But before going into the subject, let’s try to better understand what the Ftse Mib is and what are its main characteristics.

The Ftse Mib: meaning and characteristics

The Ftse Mib (Financial Times Stock Exchange Milano Italia Borsa) is the stock index of the Italian Stock Exchange that includes the 40 Italian companies with the highest market capitalization. This index therefore represents an important barometer of the Italian economy and of the performance of publicly traded companies. The index was created in 2004, when the Italian Stock Exchange decided to unify its market indices into a single reference index. The Ftse Mib was therefore designed to offer a complete overview of the Italian economy and its most representative companies. Companies that are part of the Ftse Mib must meet certain requirements, including market capitalization, liquidity and transparency of financial information. In addition, the index is updated periodically to ensure that the companies included are always the most representative of the Italian market.

The 30-year-old graphic and historical Ftse Mib

Although the Ftse Mib was created only in 2004, it is possible to analyze its historical trend thanks to the data available on the Italian Stock Exchange. In particular, it is possible to consult the Ftse Mib chart and the 30-year historical Ftse Mib for a complete overview of the index’s performance over time. Analyzing the Ftse Mib chart, it is possible to see how the index has undergone several fluctuations over the years, with historic highs and lows. For example, the Ftse Mib reached its all-time high on March 7, 2000, when it reached 50,109 points. On the contrary, the lowest point of the index was recorded on March 12, 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, when it reached 14,641 points. The 30-year historical Ftse Mib, on the other hand, makes it possible to analyze the trend of the index in the long term, offering a complete overview of the fluctuations of the Italian market in recent decades.

Ftse Mib today and spread

But how is the Ftse Mib doing today? Like all stock market indices, the performance of the Ftse Mib depends on various factors, including the performance of the Italian economy, the performance of listed companies and the level of investor confidence. In addition, another factor that may influence the performance of the Ftse Mib is the spread, or the difference in yield between Italian government bonds and those of other countries of the European Union. A high spread can in fact generate uncertainty among investors and negatively influence the stock market. Currently, the Ftse Mib is recovering after the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, but the trend of the index will also depend on the political and economic choices of the Italian government and the European Union.

Full list of Ftse Mib securities

But now let’s get to the complete list of securities that are part of the Ftse Mib. In alphabetical order, the 40 listed companies are: 1. A 2 TO 2. Amplifon 3. Atlantia 4. Azimut Holding 5. BPM Bank 6. BPER Bank 7. CNH Industrial 8. Cattolica Insurance 9. Diasorin 10. On the 11th. Eni 12. Exor 13. Ferrari 14. FinecoBank 15. General 16. Hera 17. Intesa Sanpaolo 18. Italgas 19. Leonardo 20. Luxottica 21. Mediobanca 22. Moncler 23. Nexus 24. Pirelli 25. Italian Post Office 26. Prysmian 27. Saipem 28. Snam 29. STMicroelectronics 30. Salvatore Ferragamo 31. Backhoe 32. Telecom Italia 33. Tenaris 34. Backhoe 35. Unicredit 36. Unipol 37. UBI Bank 38. UnipolSai 39. Yoox Net-A-Porter 40. Zalando As you can see, the list of companies that are part of the Ftse Mib is very varied and includes companies from different sectors, from finance to energy, from fashion to the automotive industry.


Finally, here are some new suggestions related to the Ftse Mib and related keywords. — If you want to invest in the Ftse Mib, it is important that you know the Italian market and the listed companies well. So try to always stay informed of the latest economic and financial news. — The Ftse Mib is just one of the Italian stock market indices. If you want to deepen your know-how on the Italian stock market, we recommend that you also consult other stock market indices, such as the FTSE Italia All-Share and the FTSE Italia Mid Cap. — Finally, remember that investing in the stock market always involves a certain risk. Before making any investment decision, always carefully assess your financial goals and level of risk. When in doubt, always consult an expert in the field.

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