What will be the IMPT price in 2023?

IMPT tokens were launched with a price of $0.018 on the Impact Project website in the first presale. The second presale saw IMPT priced at $0.023.

What Is IMPT?

IMPT is a cryptocurrency backed by groups and investors globally interested in reducing the carbon emissions that are destroying the earth.

IMPT is revolutionizing the carbon offset market by bringing it to the blockchain. The decentralized nature makes it completely transparent, preventing fraud and double counting that are everywhere in today’s market.

In essence, it is directly contributing to helping the world reduce its carbon footprint.

IMPT Price Prediction: What is the use of the IMPT platform?

IMPT is developing a unique platform that aims to solve one of the world’s extremely crucial problems while reducing its carbon footprint. IMPT aims to act as a market that demonstrates carbon credit. However, IMPT is not the only platform in this area. There are many platforms that aim to provide carbon credits.

So, how is IMPT different?

Providing carbon credits to a company is a very complex task and most of the time a company gets hit by scams. In addition, carbon footprint price data has been very complex. IMPT aims to solve this problem.

The problem with today’s carbon credit market is that it is extremely complex. Limited pricing data and prevalent scams discourage individuals and companies from entering them. As a result, these individuals need an easier method of purchasing carbon credits to offset their carbon footprints.

  • IMPT is developing a platform that provides companies with an easy method to purchase carbon credits. IMPT will launch its own carbon market.
  • Individuals/companies who buy Carbon Credit can have good information regarding their purchase and the purchase they make will be authentic as stated by the platform.
  • Carbon credits will be hosted as NFTs on its platform. Once the credit has been used, the NFTs will be sent to the burner. This will remove the NFT from circulation and prevent double counting.

How does IMPT work?

IMPT helps reduce the carbon footprint and have a positive impact on the environment. Throughout this process IMPT helps the user to benefit from it by giving multiple rewards. Here’s how IMPT works: (Source Official IMPT Platform)

  • The first step is to register on the IMPT platform.
  • The second step is to buy IMPT tokens
  • Once you have IMPT tokens, they can be converted into carbon credits
  • Carbon credits are minted in the form of NFTs
  • Carbon credits can be listed and traded on the IMPT platform.

What can be done with carbon credits?

Carbon credits can be used in two ways:

First, it can be burned to offset carbon footprints.

Secondly, maintain carbon footprints minted in the form of NFTs for future investment.


Price Prediction 2023: IMPT Tie-Ups

IMPT is creating a unique platform to heal the world. Many brands/companies have already partnered with IMPT and the platform has already started providing incentives for companies and organizations to reduce their carbon footprint.

Some of the world-famous brands such as Nike, Puma, Dyson, Netflix and Samsung have already partnered with IMPT.

What is IMPT’s native currency? The IMPT token is the native token of the IMPT platform.

IMPT Price Prediction 2023

Predict the future price of IMPT as the token is just launched on exchanges. Recently, after the two phases of the pre-sale, the CEO of the project, Denis Creighton, announced that the pre-sale would be discontinued due to changing market dynamics in the sector. Overall, the presale for IMPT was a great success as it was able to raise over $19 million.

IMPT tokens went public on December 14. However, immediately after the listing, the price collapsed.

IMPT failed to see prices soar after listing as it did in the case of Tamadoge.

The IMPT Price 2023 forecast will be updated once there is enough data to make future forecasts.

IMPT Price Prediction: Pre-Sales Information

IMPT was
supposed to have three separate presales, but the presale was stopped and the CEO announced the early listing of IMPT tokens on exchanges.

The first round of token sales began in October and ended on November 5. A total of 600,000,000 tokens were issued for $0.018 each. The second presale had 660 million tokens sold for $0.023.

In the third presale, 540 million tokens were supposed to be distributed for $0.028 but it didn’t happen.

IMPT raised over $19 million in presales.

Why did IMPT end the early pre-sale? The pre-sale of IMPT was supposed to end in January, but in the IMPT discord channel ECO announced that the pre-sale will end earlier.

The reason why the pre-sale of IMPT ended early was linked to the FTX fiasco that led to a massive market crash.

IMPT has become the best presale cryptocurrency of 2022.

How to buy IMPT tokens?

Since the presale for IMPT tokens has ended, IMPT tokens will be available to trade on exchanges. This will happen after December 14, when the first listing of IMPT tokens will take place. For more information about listing and trade-related questions, visit the official IMPT website here.

How to claim IMPT tokens purchased during the presale?

The claim of IMPT tokens is now active according to the latest announcement on the official IMPT website. To request the following steps must be followed:

Visit the official IMPT website at

On the Welcome screen, click the Complaint tab.

A new window will appear. In the new window, click Connect wallet.

Once the wallet is linked, press Request and authorize transaction.

Once done, the IMPT token information can be tracked in the linked wallet.

IMPT carbon absorption projects

IMPT has invested and developed projects all over the world in order to provide its clients with projects in which they can invest. Here are some projects in which IMPT has invested or developed:

  • The Envira Amazonia project
  • Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve Project
  • Jiangxi Province Le’an County Forest Farm Carbon Sink Project
  • Inner Mongolia Chao’er improved forest management project
  • Yunnan Kunming Liangqu improved forest management project
  • Premier Forest Biochar

In addition to the above projects, there are a number of other projects in which has invested or developed.

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