These Metaverse cryptocurrencies could be set for big gains this year.

In 2021, layer 2 cryptocurrencies exploded. At their peak in November, for example, solana, Avalanche and Polygon had increased their values by more than 14000%, 5000% and 15000%, respectively. Fast forward to 2022 and metaverse projects, especially the few that incorporate virtual worlds, gaming and NFT, are expected to explode.

And our research is based on a careful analysis of the past price action of these coins, the developments in the network, the roadmap, the collaborations and the reception by the crypto community.

Here are the metaverse cryptocurrencies whose use case and value are due for a significant bull run:

1. Axie Infinity (AXS).
In the two years that Axie Infinity has been in existence, it has accumulated an ROI of over 64000%. The average number of daily active players in its play-to-win game has also exceeded 3 million. Virtual land parcels in its virtual world have also seen record prices, with a sale for $2.5 million in November 2021. Not to mention that sales on its NFT marketplace recently topped $4 billion.

This level of growth for the metaverse has attracted crowds of cryptocurrency enthusiasts to Axie’s metaverse. From gamers, virtual realtors, NFT collectors and day traders (both crypto and NFT), Axie Infinity has shown us that there is something for everyone.

Looking ahead, there are two factors that we believe help prepare AXS token prices for an unprecedented bull run in 2022. First is the widespread reception its play-to-win games and NFT metaverse have received from the crypto community. Second is its ambitious roadmap of moving the metaverse to the mobile device and ultimately transforming it into a social networking platform.

2. Decentraland (MANA)
Decentraland is one of the oldest and arguably the most popular metaverse projects. Launched in 2017, Decentraland has become a household name in the cryptoverse due to the versatility of its platform. In this virtual world, for example, you can buy land, develop it to your liking and monetise it. You can also create apps and virtually any virtual asset and monetise it in this metaverse.

This has seen it attract a monthly user base of over 300,000 cryptocurrency enthusiasts. But even more importantly, it has attracted the attention of multinational corporations such as Atari, Samsung and JP Morgan who have already bought land in Decentraland.

Further collaborations and in-network developments for Decentraland are expected to help catapult MANA prices to new highs before the end of 2022. The potential of the entire metaverse niche is still untapped, which makes us believe that even with a $5 billion market, there is enough room for MANA to grow. Therefore, it should come as no surprise if more collaborations, the growing popularity of the Decentraland metaverse and the recovery of the crypto market push MANA prices to double-digit levels before December 2022.

3. Sandbox (SAND)
SAND began trading in August 2020, but already ranks among the 40 most valuable cryptocurrencies with a market cap of $4 billion and an ROI of over 40000%. In addition, its user base recently surpassed 2 million and it has a diluted market capitalisation of $10 billion. This makes it one of the fastest growing metaverse projects.

Everyone appreciates Sandbox’s uniqueness and versatility, which allow programmers and non-coders alike to create and monetise games and virtual lands. This versatility and accelerated growth has endeared it to corporations such as PWC, Atari, Samsung, Adidas, Gucci and even Square Enix who have invested in its virtual land.

In 2022, Sandbox hopes to launch a mobile version of this virtual world, unlock land to owners, introduce popular games like The Walking Dead, launch the Sandbox DAO, host virtual concerts and enhance its play-to-win model. These are expected to accelerate the growth of the Sandbox community and attract more corporations to the virtual world. And coupled with a recovering market, these are expected to push SAND token prices above the double-digit level by the end of the year.

4. Star Atlas (ATLAS)
Star Atlas is a relatively new and highly futuristic game that allows users to conquer the galactic metaverse. Here, they can create a virtual home and amass crypto fortunes. And like virtually all metaverse projects, it also features an NFT Marketplace.

What will be the next metaverse cryptocurrency to explode? In this post, we have highlighted seven metaverse cryptocurrencies that we believe have the greatest potential to grow and explode in the coming years.

Launched in September 2021, the Star Atlas metaverse is still a work in progress. But despite that, the galactic virtual world and play-to-win game has received overwhelming acceptance from the crypto community. It has also attracted a great deal of attention from the investment community with companies such as Yield Guild Games and ‘The Club’ acquiring NFT gaming assets worth $1 million and $3 million respectively.

All of this has helped ATLAS increase in value by over 2300% in the last 6 months. In the coming months, we expect Star Atlas to introduce massive developments, attract more users and enter into more partnerships that will build its popularity and solidify its reputation. And by the end of the year, these will have helped catapult the modest price and market capitalisation of ATLAS to unprecedented heights.

5. Metahero (HERO)
Like Star Atlas, Metahero is an equally new and ambitious metaverse project. Launched in August 2021, Metahero stands out from most other virtual worlds as it promises to portal virtual versions of people and things into the metaverse in the form of avatars with the help of 3D meta-scanners.

Note that despite being a work in progress, as its developers have not yet shipped 3D scans, Metahero has received a warm welcome from the crypto community. This has helped increase the value of the HERO token by nearly 1000% and earned it a market capitalisation of nearly $300 million.

Most of the projects highlighted in Metahero’s roadmap are destined for completion by 2022. This metaverse is also expected to lock in several strategic partners/collaborators in the coming months and take advantage of the crypto market’s recovery rally. And all this is expected to catapult its price to a new high before the end of the year.

6. Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK)
The Terra Virtua Kolect project started in 2017, although its utility tokens TVK only began trading in December 2021. However, both have received a warm welcome from the crypto community, as evidenced by the fact that the metaverse has added a large user base and the price of the TVK token has already increased by more than 1000%+.

Like Metahero and Star Atlas, it is also a work in progress, but it has one over its competition due to its innovativeness. Keep in mind that when it launched in 2017, NFTs were not a thing, but fast forward to early 2022, it has positioned itself as one of the fastest growing NFT markets.

Other factors that affirm its innovativeness and show its readiness for the future include its cross-platform (web and mobile) virtual world. The Terra Virtua Kolect platform is also preparing for virtual and augmented realities that most crypto experts believe will be the next big thing in the industry.

In the coming months, the crypto community is betting on the launch of more programmes and strategic partnerships to help accelerate the value gain for TVK tokens. Backed by a recovering crypto market and sustained innovation.

7. Enjin Coin (ENJ)
Enjin is a metaverse for interconnected play-to-win gaming experiences. It launched on the Ethereum network in 2018 and has since transformed into one of the most popular blockchain gaming platforms. But it is more than just a virtual gaming world because it has an NFT marketplace and allows tokenisation of almost any real-world product.

In the 3 years it has been around, Enjin Coin has maintained an uptrend that gives it an ROI of over 7600% and a market cap of $1.6 billion. It has also welcomed more than 2.3 million users and created $2.3 billion worth of assets in this metaverse.

But several key developments have taken place in the cryptoverse that have us convinced that Enjin Coin is ready for take-off. First there is the ongoing NFT and play to gain hype. Second, Enjin has established strategic partnerships with popular brands such as South Korea’s Ludena Protocol, Samsung, Ubisoft, Microsoft and Singapore’s Health Hero. And most recently, the metaverse has launched a parachain on Polkadot that exposes its users to more than 100 games and apps.

All of this is expected to help Enjin attract more users, which along with a recovering crypto market, is expected to push ENJ token prices towards a double-digit level by the end of the year.

Looking at the gains made by early adopters of different coins over the years, you might also be tempted to look for metaverse cryptocurrencies to explode in 2022. But finding the next big metaverse cryptocurrency to skyrocket is not easy and betting on any promising metaverse cryptocurrency is extremely risky.

Even with an experienced development team and seemingly solid fundamentals, there is no guarantee that it will explode in the coming months or years. Therefore, even when investing in the metaverse coins we have listed above or going for the next gem, tame your expectations and only invest what you are willing to lose.

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