What is Fantasy Top? The Ethereum Game That Transforms Crypto Twitter into a Fantastic Sport

Fantasy Top is an Ethereum-based game that has captured the attention of millions of users on Crypto Twitter. This game, built on the layer-2 Blast network, combines elements of fantastic sports with the crypto community, transforming crypto influencers into protagonists of
a competitive game.

What is Fantasy Top?

Fantasy Top is essentially a social clicker game that is inspired by classic fantasy sports games such as fantasy football.

Instead of professional athletes, players choose from 120 (and more) crypto influencers, traders, content creators, and Crypto Twitter personalities. Each ‘hero’ in the game has his own NFT card, minted on the Ethereum layer-2 Blast network

How It Works

Players buy and trade these NFT cards, which are available in various rarity levels. Cards can be upgraded by acquiring more copies of a lower level version and exchanging them for a higher level one, which offers a higher score multiplier. In Fantasy Top tournaments, players select a five-card NFT formation and block it. The score is based on the real engagement of the ‘heroes’ on Twitter, amplified by card score multipliers, requiring a strategy both in buying the cards and in choosing the best crypto

Prizes and Rewards

The rewards include Ethereum (ETH), Blast Gold points (which will be used for the next BLAST token), and FAN points, which could lead to future benefits on Fantasy Top. So far, the prize pool of the first ‘main competition’ has included more than 150,000 dollars in ETH, potentially more than 2 million dollars in Blast Gold and other rewards for players

Influencer Awards

Game influencers also benefit from overall package sales and marketplace commissions, receiving a portion of the profits. A week after the mainnet launched on May 1, 2024, Fantasy Top paid 1.25 million dollars in ETH to the heroes, along with an estimated value of at least 25,000 dollars in Blast Gold points

Participation in the Game

To play Fantasy Top, you must own NFT cards. Every player must have at least five cards to enter a competition. The cards can be purchased in dynamic packages at a current price of around 0.4 ETH, or individually from the app’s NFT marketplace. Once the formation has been set up, you can watch the points accumulate based on the engagement on Twitter of the
chosen heroes.

Future of Fantasy Top

Fantasy Top is still in its early stages but has already announced future plans, including the introduction of more in-game heroes, an improvement to the scoring model and a series of sub-competitions. The team is also working to prevent harmful activities, such as the ‘botting’ of heroes’ tweets, which led to the early conclusion of the first major


Fantasy Top is revolutionizing the way we interact with Crypto Twitter, turning it into an engaging and competitive game. With significant prizes and a growing community, the game has the potential to become a reference platform in the crypto world.

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