What happens when the fixed-term contract expires?

Working on a fixed-term basis may be a common choice for many people entering the workforce. But what happens when this type of contract expires? In this article, we will explore what the rights and obligations of the worker are, the options available, and we will give some advice on how to best deal with the end of a fixed-term contract

Introduction to the fixed-term contract

The fixed-term contract is a form of employment that provides for a fixed duration, usually a few months or years, at the end of which the employment relationship ends automatically.

This type of contract is often used by companies to respond to temporary needs, such as work peaks or specific projects. However, it is important to stress that the fixed-term worker enjoys the same rights and protections as an indefinite worker. During the work period, the worker has the same obligations and duties as a full-time employee, such as respecting schedules, performing assigned duties, and following
company regulations.

What happens when the fixed-term contract expires

the fixed-term contract expires, the employment relationship automatically terminates, unless it is renewed or transformed into an indefinite contract. The worker has the right to receive the balance of all due salaries, including any vacation not taken and the thirteenth month’s rent. In addition, there is a notice of dismissal that varies depending on the duration of the contract. During the notice period, the worker has the right to continue to perform his duties and receive compensation. It is important to know that, at the end of the contract, the worker also has the right to request payment of severance

Worker rights and obligations when the contract expires

When the fixed-term contract expires, the worker is entitled to a series of protections and benefits. First, you have the right to apply for unemployment if you are unable to find a new job immediately. In addition, he has the right to receive all the sums due, such as vacation not taken, thirteenth month’s rent and any severance pay. It is important that the worker is informed about how to request these rights from the appropriate body, such as the INPS. On the other hand, the worker has the duty to return any company tools or materials and to deliver all the information necessary for the passing of the baton, in the event that he is replaced by a new

Options for the worker when the contract expires

When the fixed-term contract expires, the worker has several options to consider. One option is to look for a new fixed-term job at other companies or through temporary agencies. This can allow you to continue working and gain new professional experience. Another option is to look for a permanent job, which offers greater stability and job security. Alternatively, the worker could consider starting their own business or undertaking a training course to acquire new skills. It is essential to explore all the options available and carefully consider which one is the most suitable choice for your professional needs and goals.

Tips for dealing with the end of a fixed-term contract

Facing the end of a fixed-term contract can be a time of uncertainty and concern. Here are some tips to better deal with this situation. First, it’s important to stay positive and proactive when looking for new job opportunities. Updating your curriculum vitae, contacting temporary agencies, and using online platforms to search for new jobs can be useful strategies. In addition, it is advisable to expand your network of professional contacts by participating in industry events or through social networks. Don’t forget to invest in training and the development of your skills to increase your attractiveness on the labor market. Finally, remember that the end of a fixed-term contract may also represent a new opportunity to explore new sectors or evaluate a career change.

In conclusion, the expiry of a fixed-term contract can be a challenge, but also an opportunity for growth and change. It’s important to be aware of your rights and obligations, explore the options available, and deal with the situation in a positive way. With determination and an open mind, it is possible to transform the end of a contract into a new beginning

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