What do I need to make a quick money order?

If you are looking for a safe and fast way to send money, fast money order may be the right solution for you. Due to its reliability and convenience, fast money order has been used for decades by those who need to send money to relatives, friends or companies. However, for those who have never used this payment method, it may be difficult to understand how it works and how to proceed with its request.

In this article, we’ll offer a comprehensive guide on how to make a quick money order, with useful information covering everything from the application process to collection.

What is a fast money order?

Fast money order is a payment method offered by the Italian post office to send money safely and reliably. It is ideal for those who do not have a bank account or prefer not to use online payment methods. The fast postal order is available to both individuals and companies and can be used to send money in Italy and abroad.

How to request a quick money order?

The request for a fast postal order can be made at any post office. However, if you want to avoid queues, you can make your request online via the Italian post office website. To request a fast postal order online, you must register on the website of the Italian post office and provide your personal data. Once registered, you can select the type of fast money order you want to send and its amount.

How to fill out the form for the fast postal order?

Once you have selected the type of fast money order, you will need to fill out the form online or alternatively, in paper form if you make the request in person at the post office. In the form, you will have to provide your personal data, those of the recipient of the money order, the amount to be sent and any secret code (optional). The secret code is a numerical code that must be communicated to the recipient to allow the collection of the money order at the post office.

How much does a fast money order cost?

The cost of a quick money order depends on the amount you want to send. There is a maximum amount of 2,999.99 euros per fast postal order, above which it will be necessary to use other payment methods, such as bank transfer. In addition, the amount of the fast postal order may vary depending on the destination, as shipping costs are different depending on the geographical area.

How to pay a fast money order?

Once you have completed the express money order form, you will need to pay the amount of the fast postal order at the post office, in cash or by credit card. Once the payment has been made, you will receive the receipt of the fast postal order, which you will have to give to the recipient to allow the withdrawal of the money.

How to collect a fast money order?

The recipient of the fast postal order can collect the money at any post office by presenting the receipt and a valid ID. In the event that a secret code has been used, it will be necessary to provide it to allow the withdrawal of the money order.

When does a fast money order arrive?

The arrival time of a fast money order depends on the destination. Typically, domestic fast money orders arrive in 24-48 business hours, while international money orders can take longer. How to make a circular postal order? The circular postal order

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