Tech stocks started 2022 under a lot of pressure, which has continued to date. While some tech stocks have held up quite well, many others have fallen, making now a good time to take advantage of low prices.

This comes after the broader stock market corrected amid fears that the Fed was poised to take a hard-line stance on interest rates in an attempt to control inflation.

As tech stocks have soared since the 2020 pandemic began, a change in policy created fears that the tech sector could be hugely overvalued and could take the biggest hit if interest rates spiked.

Investor sentiment on the technology sector is most evident in the Technology Selector Sector SPDR Fund (XLK). Year-to-date, XLK is down 13.98%. XLK is a good representation of the technology sector because it comprises some of the most critical players in the technology industry, from software to electronics.

However, it is not only the technology sector that has been affected since the beginning of the year. The NASDAQ index is down 14.53% so far this year. Similarly, the S&P 500 is down 10.22% so far this year.

The pressure on the markets has been increased by the geopolitical problems that have arisen from the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. That said, US stock markets are holding up quite well when the combination of inflation fears and a geopolitical crisis of a magnitude not seen in decades is taken into account.

As such, these two popular indices are home to many leading technology stocks, including Microsoft (MCST), Amazon Inc (AMZN), and Adobe (ADBE) are likely to rally as the year progresses. The technology industry, in particular, is driven by innovation, and this has not been affected by the problems affecting the markets at the moment.

The potential that tech stocks hold is evident in how these tech stocks have rallied over the past week. Microsoft (MSFT), Apple (AAPL), Amazon (AMZN) have made some gains, although volumes remain depressed, indicating investor uncertainty.

This means that now could be an excellent time to consider investing in tech stocks, as they could soon regain traction.

Here are the top seven tech stocks with the best value, the most momentum and the fastest growth.

Microsoft (MSFT)
Long-running tech stock Microsoft Corp (MSFT) may not be one of the most popular tech stocks compared to other tech stocks like Amazon (AMZN), for example, but it is a hot stock in terms of what it can offer an investor.

As the company continues to innovate and adapt to new forms of modern technology with its prominent PC segments, software and its gaming avenue with the popular Xbox series continue to push MSFT into the spotlight. The stock is also expanding into new territory with its latest additional services including the Microsoft Global Initiative Digital Skills Service. This service has helped more than 30 million people around the world brush up their knowledge and learning skills in the form of online courses to secure their in-demand dream job roles going forward.

MSFT has also been aggressively pushing into the chat business to capitalise on the work and lifestyle changes triggered by COVID-19. In 2021, Microsoft planned to buy Discord, but pulled the plug, choosing instead to build its own platform. With more people spending time online for work and social communication, Chat could be a key growth area and makes MSFT one of the top tech stocks to buy this month.

Microsoft is also entering the growing Metaverse space first. In January, Microsoft announced it was acquiring video game company, Activision, for $75 billion. The deal is expected to give Microsoft a foothold in the Metaverse, specifically in the play-to-win aspect of the Metaverse.

Microsoft is also gaining traction in the Metaverse space through Microsoft Mesh, a platform that allows people to connect digitally using Avatars. Considering that analysts believe the Metaverse could be worth more than $8 billion by 2030, carving out a niche in this market is a big deal for Microsoft.

With all its fundamentals, it is not surprising that analysts are quite bullish on Microsoft. Wall Street analysts have given it a 1.7 rating, meaning it is a ‘Strong Buy’. Analysts have given the stock an average price target of $370.89 with a low of $306.55 and a high price target of $425.00.

As Microsoft’s share price rose more than 26% in the last year and recent news that many investors sold their shares on macroeconomic and geopolitical factors, now could be an opportune time to buy this long-tenured tech stock.

Apple (AAPL)
Like Alphabet, Apple Inc (AAPL) is another component within the FANG index.

One thing that makes Apple stand out is its resilience. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many would have expected Apple’s sales to fall and negatively impact the stock. But it didn’t. Apple saw fantastic earnings throughout 2020, and into 2021.

In APPL’s Q1 report ending December 26, 2020, the company confirmed a new revenue record of $111.4 billion, up 21% year-over-year, with international sales accounting for 64% of Q1 revenue. For Q4 2021, the company reported revenues of $123.95B, which is higher than the last quarter of the previous year.

In addition to holding strong in a relatively turbulent period, Apple has a lot to come that could see AAPL stock perform well in March and throughout the year. For example, on March 8, Apple will hold its first event for 2022.

Investors expect Apple to focus on the iPhone SE 5G, Mac mini and iPad Air during this event. If news updates on these products come out positive, then there could be an increase in the value of its shares within the month. This makes AAPL one of the best tech stocks potentially to buy in March 2022.

Analysts are also quite bullish on AAPL. The analyst consensus estimate for AAPL is 1.8, which means it is a “strong buy”. Analysts covering the stock have an average price target of $193.05.

Such strong ratings are justified given that Apple Inc is always innovating and introducing new products to consumers. Apple has remained tight-lipped on upcoming ventures in 2022. Still, one important avenue is the acceleration in the auto industry with Apple’s Electric Car Project, which could be the additional boost the stock has been looking for.

ServiceNow (NOW)
The power of digital workflows is still the way forward, which is exactly what ServiceNow (NOW) prides itself on doing.

The new era of Now Platform has all platforms intertwined, including customer workflows, employee workflows, IT workflows and more, offering a smarter and more manageable way to operate across multiple industries.

From a glance at its technical indicators, there is reason to believe ServiceNow is a high-growth technology stock to buy in March. ServiceNow’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) has improved from 62 to 80. Given that the stock is currently consolidating, this indicates a possible short term breakout.

ServiceNow’s senior management will participate in a fireside chat on 7 March 2022, and could be the trigger for a breakout. The fireside chat will take place at the JMP Securities 2022 Technology Conference, which will be held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. If positive news emerges during the fireside chat, it could trigger an increase in NOW’s share price. This, coupled with positive technical indicators, makes NOW one of the top tech stocks to buy now.

With such a strong outlook, it is not surprising that analysts are bullish on NOW. Analysts have given NOW a 1.7 rating, which means it is a strong buy. NOW is currently trading at $547.07, while analysts expect it to test $683.93 in the foreseeable future.

Analysts also expect ServiceNow EPS to grow 35% over the next three to five years. Some predict earnings growth of 66.37% per year.

As ServiceNow looks to establish further growth, including the unveiling of its acquisition plans, the share price could rise in both the short and long term. This is why NOW looks like a tech stock that investors should consider buying in March 2022. (CRM) (CRM), the software company that has innovated well and continues to unite business and customer relationships, has had a successful year during 2021.

Salesforce’s CRM platform known as Salesforce Customer 360 is a powerful tool that enables improvement across multiple avenues of a company, including marketing, sales and more.

No matter how big or small a company is, they can turn to CRM to establish room for improvement and increase consumer demand.

Because 2021 worked so strongly in Salesforce’s favour in connecting business owners and consumers around the world, it led the stock to outperform both its top and bottom lines. continues to post strong revenue growth, a factor that could keep the stock performing well throughout 2022. On 1 March 2022, CRM announced its Q4 results and full fiscal year results for FY2022. Salesforce announced that in Q4, revenue jumped 26%, compared to Q4 FY2021.

In terms of full year results, Salesforce announced that revenue increased 25% compared to FY2021. This underlines Salesforce’s strong market position and could attract investors not only in March, but throughout the year.

Analysts are also quite bullish on Salesforce. The Wall Street consensus on the stock is 1.8, which is a strong buy. Analysts expect it to test $295.95. For such potential, Salesforce is undoubtedly one of the best tech stocks to buy in March.

Roku (ROKU)
Streaming has become the latest resource over the past year, with Netflix, Disney+ and more witnessing record highs and becoming strong household favourites.

This is where Roku Inc (ROKU) benefits exceptionally well with its streaming player products that allow households to have a mix of everything. Having major brands under its belt for consumers to stream, including Netflix and many more, along with its own Roku channel, which creates amazing content. The stock also offers additional products such as TVs and more.

Streaming is increasingly taking over from cinemas, largely due to the lifestyle changes that COVID-19 brought up in 2020. This was evident in ROKU’s revenues over the past two years. The number of users has also been on the rise in the same period.

In its latest earnings call on 17 February 2022, ROKU announced that active accounts stood at 60.1 million and exceeded analysts’ expectations of 59.5 million. ROKU’s Q4 2021 earnings per share also beat analysts’ expectations. Analysts were expecting earnings per share of $0.06, while ROKU’s earnings per share came out to $0.17.

These numbers indicate that despite the competition, ROKU stands out in the fast-growing content streaming market. This means investors can expect even better performance throughout the year, making ROKU one of the top tech stocks to buy in March 2022. ROKU is also shaping its growth path very well as they continue to acquire more brands.

No wonder analysts are bullish on ROKU. Analysts have given ROKU a 2.1 rating, which means it is a buy. Analysts expect it to reach $200.

Whichever way you look at this tech stock, it can certainly deliver solid long-term results. As households around the world switch to online streaming platforms to be their number 1 watch, this will slowly become the new norm for entertainment viewing.

Adobe (ADBE)
One of the largest and most diverse creative software companies today, Adobe Inc (ADBE) is the leading software for many creative people around the world.

Last year, Adobe had quite a strong year. This followed the launch of Adobe Photoshop Elements 2021, and the company offered new users discounted rates on its creative subscription software.

Despite being one of the best SaaS companies globally, ADBE started March 2022 in the red, falling more than the overall market. Given that fundamentals remain strong despite the fall, ADBE is a good tech stock to buy in March. This is because once it recovers, gains could be quite high.

Not surprisingly, analyst projections for ADBE remain strong. Wall Street analysts have given ADBE stock a 1.8 rating, meaning it is a strong buy. The bullish sentiment around ADBE has a lot to do with Adobe’s upcoming earnings report on March 22. Analysts expect earnings per share of $3.34, or a 6.37% increase on the year.

Analysts’ average price targets are showing great upside for the stock with an average price target of $653.93 with a low price target of $460 and a high price target at $750. Compared to its current price, the upside potential is huge.

Adobe also has great potential for future growth as the digital and creative worlds continue to evolve, creating new opportunities. With ADBE stock seemingly undervalued for its potential, it is definitely a tech stock to buy in March 2022.

Alphabet (GOOG)
One of the two FANG stocks that make this list is Alphabet Inc (GOOG). Two main reasons Alphabet made the list as a tech stock to buy in March is that it is a solid delivery stock that even in tough times can deliver. Secondly, the stock is in a relatively attractive position with its share price.

A brief description if you are not familiar with one of the world’s most valuable companies is that it is the parent company of the popular Google search engine and Google’s subscribers, including cloud and advertising channels.

In GOOG’s latest fourth quarter report, the stock delivered solid results. Google reported Q4 2021 revenue of $75 billion, an increase of 32% compared to a similar quarter in the prior year. Alphabet announced that these results were a strong reflection of growth in the company’s advertising business. Alphabet’s earnings per share also exceeded analysts’ expectations, coming in at $30.69, compared to expected earnings per share of $27.34.

While the stock’s Google Services remains the main attraction for this brand, the stock is also making headway with its Google Cloud segment, which stood at $5.54 billion in the fourth quarter of 2021, while most analysts expected revenue of $5.47 billion. Given that this avenue is one of its newer routes, it is performing well and remains a key focus for further growth.

Other stock bets include Waymo, an autonomous driving company, Verily, a healthcare brand and many more.

GOOG is on a ‘Strong Buy’ rating, with a 1.5 recommendation. The stock is an excellent buy if launched at the right time, as analysts expect GOOG to reach $3506.11.

GOOG is not one of the cheapest tech stocks to buy, but it certainly has the foundations in place to be a fantastic long-term tech stock for investors.

All in all, 2022 looks like a good time to make some smart investments in tech stocks. For a number of reasons, we may see some stocks reach new heights…

And there you have 7 of the best tech stocks available in the market today that offer fantastic growth prospects and are at fairly discounted prices due to recent contributing factors.

Investing within the technology industry is considered one of the safest and a path to rapid growth. That said, it is always advisable to conduct additional research before investing in your chosen investments, as all stocks carry risk.

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