View profit and loss on Binance

How to see profit and loss on Binance? When trading, seeing the profit and loss for the order traded on Binance is in the interest of many people. If you know the profit and loss of your trading position, you will make more accurate trading decisions and in line with your expectations. The following article will guide you to view profit and loss for Spot, Future and Margin trading orders on Binance.

Learn about profit and loss (NLP) on Binance

Before we learn how to visualize the profit-loss for an order traded on Binance, we will learn about NLP.

What is NLP? NLP stands for profit and loss. This is an indicator that shows the profit and loss on your account.

PNL can display the total amount of profit and loss (in % and converted to USD), the amount of profit – loss per cycle and per day.

PNL is only available in Spot, Margin and Futures trading and the PNL number may or may not be executed.

Realized NLP means profit/loss of closed positions.

Unrealized NLP means that positions are still held on open orders; NLP may continue to increase or decrease at this time.

How to View Profit and Loss (NLP) on Binance?

To view your profits and losses on Binance, you need to log in to your Binance account.

View Profit and Loss (NLP) on Binance Spot Orders

Step 1: On the main screen, click on Wallet in the right corner, select Fiat and Spot.

In the Fiat and Spot wallet page window, scroll down to see the BTC Value column to know the value of the coin you just created. However, here you will have to remember before making a transaction how many coins there are in that coin wallet, how much it is worth in USD. To manually subtract the number of coins displayed in the table.

Step 2: On the Fiat and Spot page, click on the small arrow in yesterday’s NLP area.

If your balance is not displayed, click Show Balance.

Step 3: You will be redirected to the page (Spot analysis of profit and loss)

Here you will see the profit and loss information for your Spot account. The data for GNP are in USD and the respective percentages.

  • Balance Estimate: Total balance on your spot account in BTC and converted to USD.
  • Yesterday’s NLP: Total assets in the spot account Yesterday – Initial assets (at 00:00:00 UTC) – Net remittance and deposit.
    • The data refresh time will be in the UTC+0 time zone. Maintenance time is from 0 to 2 am (UTC + 0) every day. During this time, yesterday’s NLP will not be displayed.
  • 30 days PNL: total profit and loss of 30 days in USD and %.
  • Cumulative GNP (%):
    • Cumulative GNP ratio = accumulated GNP / (spot account assets from day 1 + net transfers and deposits from day 1 to day N).
    • You can choose to watch in a cycle of the last 7 days (the last 7 days), the last 30 days (the last 30 days), or Customize (based on an optional cycle).
  • Asset Allocation: The percentage of each asset in your spot account (calculated at the most recent market price of each asset).
  • Daily NLP = Last spot daily account – Initial assets at 00:00:00 UTC – Net remittance and deposit.
  • Equity = Total net worth of all assets in the spot account from day 1 to day N.
  • Profit = Total profit and error per day from day 1 to day N.

How to View Profit and Loss on Binance Futures (NLP Binance Futures)

Step 1: Click on Wallet and then select Futures

Step 2: On the Futures Wallet page, select the Futures account type: USDT-M Futures or Coin-M Futures

Step 3: Click NLP Analysis

Step 4: Click on the loop you want to view the history.

  • If the data is hidden as ***, click Show to view the data. If you don’t want to be visible, click or hide.

The information you can see about profit and loss in Binance Futures includes:

  • Daily profits and losses (daily profits and losses)
  • Cumulative profit and loss
  • % of cumulative profit and loss (% of accumulated profit and loss)

This data is displayed in the form of a graph. If you want to see any data, click on that data to turn it into bold. This data will be displayed on the chart.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page. There will be profit and loss data displayed in tabular form, detailing the amount of each day. In addition to the above data showing numerical details in this table, there is also more information about net transfers.

  • Net transfer: The amount transferred into or out of the Futures portfolio.

In addition, the right column of the Profit and Loss Details page of the Futures account lists detailed information, including:

  • Total words
  • Total loss
  • Net profit/loss: Total profit – loss
  • Victory Day
  • Losing day
  • Draw day
  • Win rate
  • Medium word
  • Medium hole
  • Profit/loss ratio

How to See Profit and Loss on Binance Margin

Similar to Spot and Futures Wallet, on the home page, click Wallet, then select Margin.

Then also click to select the margin account type: Cross or Island to see the profit/loss of the trading margin account.


So we just learned how to see the profit and loss on Binance of Spot, Future and Margin. You can see that Binance shows profit and loss differently than Forex exchanges and stock CFDs.

On the Binance exchange, when you trade an A-B coin pair, you will use your existing B coin to buy money A or sell your existing coin A to receive real coins. Therefore, the display of profits and losses will be based on the actual growth of the currency you own.

This cannot be very clear to newbies if you are used to trading CFDs or forex. However, with trading on Binance, you can own real coins and you can transfer between wallets on Binance completely free of charge. You can also fully transfer the coins to another very convenient exchange.

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