“TRANSFER_FROM_FAILED” on PancakeSwap-. how to fix the error

Are you getting a “TRANSFER_FROM_FAILED” error on PancakeSwap?

Here is the full error message, “The transaction cannot succeed due to an error: TransferHelper: TRANSFER_FROM_FAILED”.

Followed by, “This is probably a problem with one of the tokens you’re trading.”

The failed error transfer on PancakeSwap prevents you from exchanging a token that you own on your cryptocurrency wallet (e.g., Trust Wallet, MetaMask).

As a result, you will not be able to liquidate your position.

If you are a developer, you need to fix the error so that buyers can trade the token on PancakeSwap.

What does TRANSFER_FROM_FAILED mean on PancakeSwap?

The “TRANSFER_FROM_FAILED” error on PancakeSwap means that you are unable to trade the token.

In most cases, the token is a scam and you won’t be able to get your money back.

It’s frustrating because you’re able to buy the token, but you’re not able to sell it.

This is due to a code in the contract that blocks transfers to the liquidity provider.

So, before you buy a token, be sure to view its transactions first.

If the token is a scam, you will only see that people are buying it and not selling it.

To view the transactions of a token, you can visit this website and search for the name or address of the token.

Then, scroll down to the “Token tx” tab to see a list of token transactions.

Green indicates a purchase, while red indicates a sale.

If the entire list is green, the token is most likely a scam because no one is selling it.

Also, most contracts that are on a 0.5.17 build are a scam, so you need to make sure you avoid them in the future.

To verify the construction of a contract, you can visit this website and look for the name or address of the token.

Then, click “x Contract” in the information sidebar (x is the name of the token).

After clicking “x Contract”, you will land on the token contract on the BscScan website.

The contract version appears next to “Compiler version”.

If the version is 0.5.17, try to avoid buying the token.

How to Fix “TRANSFER_FROM_FAILED” on PancakeSwap

To fix “TRANSFER_FROM_FAILED” on PancakeSwap as a user, you can try to edit the last number in the “From (estimated)” field on PancakeSwap.

If you are a developer, you can fix the error by disabling the “setSwapAndLiquifyEnabled” feature.

Alternatively, you can try using PancakeSwap’s “V1” instead of “V2”:

If you are a user and are looking to trade “1000000” BONFIRE, change the number to “1000001” instead.

After changing the last number in the “From (estimated)” field, the transaction will be successful.

If you still can’t trade the token, it means that the error is caused by the token/PancakeSwap.

PancakeSwap was recently migrated from V1 to V2.

This caused problems with the token exchange on the exchange.

To fix the error, the token developer must disable the “setSwapAndLiquifyEnabled” feature on the token contract.

Then, you need to wait until the developer fixes the problem on their part.

You can also try using PancakeSwap’s “V1” instead of “V2”.

However, if the token is new and has a weak community behind it, it could be a scam.

If you are the developer of the token, you need to solve the problem by changing the token contract.

If you are a user, you must instruct the developer to resolve the issue by following these steps:

1. Switch to “Write Contract” and connect to Web3

The first step is to go to the token contact on BscScan.

First, visit BscScan and search for your token.

Once you’re on your token, you’ll see multiple tabs including “Transfers,” “Holders,” “Information,” and more.

You will also see the “Write Contract” tab.

Click “Write Contract” to open the token contract.

In the “Write Contact” tab, you will see more features that you can write.

To write features, you must first connect to Web3.

Click “Connect to Web3” and select the wallet you want to connect to (MetaMask/WalletConnect).

2. Enter “false” and click “Write” on “setSwapAndLiquifyEnabled”

After connecting to Web3, scroll down until you find the “setSwapAndLiquifyEnabled” function.

Functionality is a Boolean data type that has only true or false.

You can turn this feature on or off.

If the feature is enabled, liquidity will automatically enter the pool.

However, due to the migration of PancakeSwap from V1 to V2, this feature is causing the “TRANSFER_FROM_FAILED” error.

To fix the error, type “false” under the “setSwapAndLiquifyEnabled” function and click “Write”.

After typing “false” and clicking “Write”, the “setSwapAndLiquifyEnabled” function will be disabled.

In addition, the “TRANSFER_FROM_FAILED” error will also be fixed.

Then, other people will be able to continue buying or selling the token.

Unfortunately, if you have given up ownership of the token on BscScan, you will not be able to change the contract.


If you have recently launched a token and no one is able to buy or sell it, you need to go to BscScan to fix it.

On BscScan, type “false” under the function “setSwapAndLiquifyEnabled” and click “Write”.

The problem is caused by migrating PancakeSwap from V1 to V2, so the error will remain until PancakeSwap resolves it.

If you’re a developer, try changing the “setSwapAndLiquifyEnabled” feature to “true” after a few days to see if people can buy or sell your token.

If I am still unable to do this, change the “setSwapAndLiquifyEnabled” function to “false” until PancakeSwap resolves it.

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