Trading on MT4: How to View History

MT4 allows you to view the trading history, profit/loss and information related to each trade order. This will be very convenient for investors and traders to manage their trading orders and find out the cause when there is a problem.

This article shows you how to view trading history, profits and losses on MT4.

You can access your trading history in 2 different ways:

  • Members Area
  • Trading Platform

How to view your trading history in the Members Area

In the members area of the broker with whom you have registered for an account, you can find the entire trading history you have created.

To access your trading history, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Members Area on the broker’s official website using your login information (including ID and password). If you do not remember your account ID, you can access the email that was sent to you immediately after opening your account or contact your broker’s support.
  2. After successfully logging in, you will be directed to the members area page. Here you can see your profit and loss status.
  3. To view the detailed trading history, select an account from the drop-down list, select “Trading History” or “Open Positions” and customize the period to display closed orders, open orders respectively.

How to View Trading History on MT4 Trading Platform

Additionally, you can view closed locations on the History tab of the Toolbox window.


  • Time – time of opening of the position
  • Symbol – the name of the instrument
  • Ticket – Trading ID
  • Type – the type of order (Buy, Sell)
  • Volume – trading volume
  • Price – opening price of the position
  • S/L – level of the Stop Loss order placed
  • T/P – level of the Take profit order placed
  • Time – time of closing the position
  • Price – closing price of the position
  • Profit – the financial result of the transaction
  • Change: the percentage of price movement (closed price relative to the entry price)

And open orders are shown in the Trade tab. And the current total profits and losses are right below the orders opened in this tab.

Assume that the display interface does not have a Toolbox window. To open the Toolbox window, click View in the menu bar at the top left, and then select Toolbox.

How to View Trading History on MT4 Apps

Viewing your trading history on MT4 is also relatively simple. By clicking the History tab, you can view closed locations by day/week/month or by optional period.

Position information includes order type (buy/sell), order volume, opening price, closing price, opening time and profit/loss.

For more details on these locations, click on the one you want to view. Then additional data will appear, including closing time, stop loss/take profit, and trading fees/fees.

In addition, you can also view open orders by logging into the MT4 -> app by clicking Trade. All open orders will be displayed in this tab. Click on each order to view detailed information (such as entry time, stop loss, take profit, tax rates, trading ID).

In short, the Trading History tab will be useful for investors and traders to manage their investment, understand the status of orders/positions, and find out the possible reasons for a problem.

In addition, you can also download this data for a more detailed search. By keeping track of this information, you will find ways to optimize your trading strategy and learn from trading mistakes.

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