With NFTs gaining traction, these ten could explode by 2022

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have grown in popularity over the past year. Despite the slow start to the crypto market in 2022, NFT adoption has not slowed one bit. This is because NFTs have become an excellent avenue for unlocking the value of anything ranging from music, images and even tweets.

This explosion in NFTs has led to an increase in the growth of NFT cryptocurrencies as well as NFT trading markets.

Considering that NFTs are still in their early days, there is no doubt that NFT cryptocurrencies could lead the market in gains until 2022. For this reason, we have compiled a list of some of the top 10 NFT coins that could explode in 2022.

Ready to get started in the rapidly expanding NFT market? The biggest challenge you might experience is choosing the best among the many NFT cryptos hitting the market on a daily basis. However, don’t worry! At Trading Education, we have compiled for you a list of the top NFT cryptos that could do exceptionally well in 2022.

Decentraland is an Ethereum project that gives investors access to 3D virtual land. MANA, an ERC-721 token, secures these virtual lands. Decentraland virtual lands are designed so that they can be leased or sold, a factor that continues to attract many investors to the Decentraland market.

Multi-million dollar virtual lands have been sold on Decentraland and have made headlines around the world. This is likely to continue to attract new investors to these virtual lands and increase the value of MANA. For this reason, Decentraland easily stands out among the NFT cryptocurrencies that could explode in 2022.

Tezos has experienced over the past year an explosion of NFT. The adoption of Tezos has a lot to do with its scalability and low fees. Tezos has also become quite popular for its automatic upgrade features, meaning it improved without the need for a hard fork.

In 2021, Tezos saw widespread adoption, with the most notable being the F1 racing NFTs launched on the Tezos blockchain. Due to its efficiency, Tezos could see more adoption this year, a factor that could see it emerge as one of the top NFT cryptos of 2022.

My Neighbor Alice is a rather unique gamification platform for learning games. ALICE has differentiated itself in the NFT gaming market through games that are easy and fun to play, and have a story. This has seen it grow in adoption by both those looking to make money from NFT games and those looking to have a good time.

With more users discovering the fun that comes with NFT games, ALICE is an NFT cryptocurrency uniquely positioned to explode in 2022.

Axie Infinity’s main goal is to be one of the best play-to-win gaming platforms on the market. Axie has grown in popularity because it allows the community to be part of the characters they develop while using the Axie Infinity platform.

To give players an even better experience, Axie Infinity has been working to improve speeds and reduce transaction costs. One of the steps Axie took to improve efficiency was to devise a layer 2 solution called Ronin Protocol in 2020.

With its growing collection of games and improved player experience, Axie Infinity continues to attract players looking to make money selling character features from games such as NFT. As this demand grows, AXS could be among the top performing NFT currencies by 2022.

Red Theta is a cryptocurrency that is changing the way people consume video streaming services. Through the Theta Network, anyone can share bandwidth that is then used to stream video content without the need for centralised servers.

Theta Network has also made an entry into the NFT market through, NFT. It enables the tokenisation of things like badges that can now be built on the Theta blockchain.

Theta has already started the momentum by launching an NFT collection for some of Samsung’s best products, such as the Samsung Galaxy S22. As more NFTs are launched on the Theta platform, Theta Token could be among the top NFT platforms exploding in value by 2022.

Enjin has multiple use cases. However, one that is becoming increasingly dominant is the play-to-win game. Through the Enjin Token, players can tokenise and sell NFT from games on multiple platforms.

Enjin is also working to become even better at NFT games. It is doing so through an expansion into the Polkadot ecosystem, a factor that will help players avoid the high costs that come with Ethereum transactions.

Low cost, fast speed and a rapidly expanding NFT gaming ecosystem make Enjin Coin one of the top 10 NFT cryptocurrencies to watch this year.

Wax short form for Worldwide Asset Exchange is a decentralised NFT exchange. Through the WAX platform, users can exchange any type of products that have been tokenised and offered in the market as NFT.

The best thing about WAX is that it has a mechanism to authenticate the digital asset sold on its marketplace. This has seen it explode in popularity as a reference platform for NFT trading.

Given that NFTs are growing in popularity, WAX is an NFT cryptocurrency uniquely positioned to do well this year.

Sandbox cannot be missed among the NFT cryptocurrencies that could outperform the market by 2022. Over the past year, Sandbox has seen widespread adoption, especially in gaming. Sandbox is gaining traction in the gaming industry by allowing participants to develop, play and also sell in-game characters and other gaming assets.

SAND’s performance over the past year (10,000% plus revenue) is an indicator of its exponential adoption. As more players learn about the power and control that Sandbox gives them, the value of Sand could explode over the course of 2022.

Flow is one of the most advanced and decentralised platforms for launching NFT games and other digital assets. Flow’s ease of use has led to massive adoption since its launch in 2020. Flow currently has 3.7 million wallets, 175k monthly users and over 6000+ developers.

As more NFT projects launch and sell on the Flow network, the value of the token could do well. It is definitely one of the top NFT cryptocurrencies to watch in 2022.

Solana was one of the best performing cryptocurrencies in 2021. This was triggered by an explosion of NFT and DeFi projects launching on the Solana blockchain. Solana’s biggest selling point is its low costs and ability to scale to unbeatable levels, up to 50k transactions per second.

With more investors looking to Solana as their preferred platform to launch NFTs, SOL’s value could explode this year, just as it did in 2021. The odds of Solana ending the year among the top 10 NFT cryptocurrencies are quite high.

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