Time Zones on TradingView: How to View and Edit It

TradingView is a global online charting platform. Therefore, the Tradingview platform must have multiple time zones to serve clients around the world. The following article teaches you about the time zone and how to view and edit time zones on TradingView.

Time Zones on TradingView

Each user in a different country or location may need to use a different time zone. Using a time zone that matches the active user makes tracking the chart easier to understand and more convenient.

Since 2015, TradingView has all major time zones. That is, users can choose any time zone in the world to use and monitor the chart at will. That is, users can choose any time zone in the world to use and monitor the chart at will. On TradingView, users can use UTC time, Exchange time, or other time zones around the world.

What is utc?

Users view a chart on TradingView in the default time zone when they open a chart. Usually, the default time on TradingView is UTC. UTC stands for Coordinated Universal Time. Simply put, UTC is the international standard time.

What is the Exchange time zone?

At TradingView, we also use trading time. It is the time zone in which the exchange is located. For example, a stock listed on the NASDAQ New York Stock Exchange uses the UTC-4 time zone. It means that when using the Exchange time zone to view the graph of this title, the user will look on the UTC-4 time zone.

How to view the time zone on the TradingView chart?

Method 1: The easiest way is to look at it on the TradingView chart clock. This meter is located in the lower right corner of the chart. Click the clock and select the appropriate time zone.

Method 2: Click the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the chart, then select Symbol and find the Time Zone box in the lower corner of the window.

How to change time zone on TradingView?

After viewing the time zone in the two ways mentioned above, the user can change the time zone at will. To change the time zone in Settings, users go to the Symbol tab. In the Time zone box, select the time zone that you want to use, and then click OK.

Users can quickly change the time zone directly on the chart by clicking on the appropriate time zone on the clock in the lower-right corner of the chart.

In addition, users can also change the time zone of the chart by changing the time zone in the calculator settings.

After changing the time zone, the user can immediately view the chart in the new time zone without closing the chart window to reload or take further action.

What time zone should I use to view charts on TradingView?

Many professional traders believe that: the trading time should be used. Users can use any time zone. However, if users use TradingView scripts (for example, to set price alerts), using Exchange time helps prevent errors or conflicts in charts during use.

In many cases, users receive an error when using TradingView because they are not using the chart time zone for Exchange. However, if you do not use the additional installation script on TradingView, users can optionally choose any time zone that is easier to understand and follow the chart.

Some problems to notice when setting the time zone

Users can view the chart in local time or UTC or Exchange time. When using a time zone, the data on the TradingView chart is not affected. Trading hours do not count with 24-hour trading sessions. To verify that the correct time zone is set, check the clock in the lower-right corner of the chart.

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