Three Cat-Themed Meme Coins That Perform Better Than Solana Tokens

Cat-themed meme coins have recorded huge gains in the last 24 hours, surpassing dog-themed tokens and Solana’s main assets.

Cat-themed meme coins are outpacing the cryptocurrency market, with most tokens recording 50x gains thanks to a bullish movement. Over the past 24 hours, the digital asset market has experienced positive developments that have pushed investors to meme coins. This is visible in recent flows through crypto assets and decentralized finance (DeFi) projects

At the time of writing, the largest market for meme tokens stands at $62.3 billion, moving sideways, while cat-themed meme coins jumped 11.4% to $2.04 billion, with trending assets such as Mog Coin, Catwifhat and Popcat reporting significant gains. However, meme-themed Solana tokens also saw a 6.4% gain today, but with less bullish market sentiment. Here are three cat-themed meme coins that have outdone Solana’s rivals.


ZAZU is the highest earner among cat-themed meme coins today. This asset acts as both a cat-themed token and a Solana token, but it has benefited from the cat-themed frenzy. Recording daily gains of 105.4%, it erased previous losses, bringing weekly gains to 21.9% over the past 14 days, while the asset is down 47%. ZAZU is among the new meme tokens that have sparked a frenzy in the cryptocurrency space, igniting bullish

The asset is trading at $0.0008054 with a market capitalization of $873,000. The daily trading volumes are over $369,000

Real Smurf Cat (SMURFCAT)

Real Smurf Cat is up 25% against Solana’s popular meme tokens today. The coin has seen steady flows this month, as investors are pouring funds into risky assets. The weekly momentum of the larger market led to a growth of 36%, while the monthly growth is 42.8%. Real Smurf Cat has a larger market cap of $12.4 million, trading at $0.00012 with daily trading volumes of $2.3

Inbred Cat (INBRED)

Inbred Cat is up 21% in the market, recovering from slow trading this week. The weekly earnings are now 4%. The coin has gained momentum in the cryptocurrency spaces with an attempt at a larger bull run. INBRED recorded a short-term rally with the momentum of cat-themed meme coins

Solana tokens have also seen inflows, but the major tokens have lost momentum in the last 48 hours.

Final Thoughts

Cat-themed meme coins are gaining attention and recording significant gains, surpassing dog-themed tokens and Solana’s main assets. With the cryptocurrency market constantly changing, it’s essential to monitor these trends and consider investment opportunities in meme coins like ZAZU, Real Smurf Cat, and Inbred Cat. However, it is always advisable to do thorough research and assess risks before making investment decisions

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