The Future of the Gas Boiler Bonus: What Changes from 2025 to 2040

From 2025, with the final objective set by 2040, tax breaks for gas boilers will be gradually eliminated. This change is the result of the final approval of the Green Homes Directive by the European Union, an important step towards the energy transition and the reduction of the ecological footprint of buildings in

Case Green Directive: Implications for Gas Boilers

The Case Green Directive, ratified with a final vote in Europe on 12 March 2024, provides for the gradual elimination of gas boilers by 2040.

This move aims to reduce emissions and energy consumption of buildings, underlining the EU’s commitment to greater environmental sustainability

Stop the Concessions from 2025

Starting from 2025, tax breaks for the installation of gas boilers will be reduced, anticipating a complete elimination by 2040. This decision highlights the drive towards greener and more energy efficient heating systems

Until When to Apply for the Gas Boiler Bonus

Businesses and individuals interested in taking advantage of the gas boiler bonus may apply until 31 December 2025. This date represents the last deadline for accessing incentives before the introduction of the restrictions provided for by the Directive

The New Rules and the Impact on Building Bonuses

The Case Green Directive will not only influence the gas boiler sector but will lay the foundations for a renewal of building bonuses, adapting them to the needs of sustainability and energy efficiency. By 2024, more details are expected on the bonus reform, in line with the environmental objectives set by the EU


The approval of the Case Green Directive marks a crucial moment for the construction sector and for all those interested in replacing or installing new boilers. The restrictions that will start in 2025 require careful planning on the part of companies and individuals, to adapt in time to the new regulations. It is essential to stay updated on future news and developments, to effectively navigate through this period of transition to greater energy sustainability.

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