The best non-profit startups of 2023

The 2023 non-profit startup scene is characterized by the presence of a series of very important companies that stand out for the innovative approach and the social impact they are able to generate. Among the best non-profit startups of 2023 are several companies that have dedicated themselves to the digitalization of social services, offering technological solutions aimed at improving the accessibility and efficiency of aid. In addition, startups have been developed in the field of renewable energy and environmental sustainability, which aim to reduce the environmental impact of human activities.

Other notable realities focus on social inclusion, promoting the empowerment of minorities and working to eliminate inequalities. Thanks to the commitment of these startups, it is possible to observe significant changes in various areas, demonstrating how the non-profit sector can be a real engine of social change

The best non-profit startups of 2023

Feathr: Revolutionizing Digital Marketing for Organizational Success

Looking for an innovative way to promote your programs and engage your audience more? Feathr is here for you. We are a modern digital marketing software solution that is aimed at associations, non-profit organizations, credit unions, and event organizations. With our cutting-edge platform, we combine our customers’ marketing efforts with website analysis tools, targeted digital advertising, influencer marketing, and more. We are committed to providing best practices and the latest digital marketing technologies to organizations that want to grow and have a significant impact

But what makes Feathr truly great are our people. We’re looking for unique individuals who are ready to dive in headfirst, develop deep empathy for our customers, and accelerate Feathr’s growth.

Donorbox: Transform nonprofit donations

Nonprofit organizations can finally reach their full potential thanks to Donorbox. We are a leading fundraising platform and donor management system that aims to make non-profit organizations extremely effective in raising funds and managing their supporter bases. With more than 50,000 global organizations using Donorbox and more than 700 million dollars in donations processed each year, we are proud of our positive impact on the
world. Increase fundraising for social good organizations

If you’re a social good organization looking to fundraise more effectively, is here to help. We are the largest fundraising platform in the world, and for more than ten years we have helped millions of people raise more than 130 million dollars for social causes around the world. With our all-in-one solutions, you can access online donation tools, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer fundraising, event registration, and ticketing.

Cuseum: Engage museum visitors using mobile technology

Museums and public attractions can take advantage of mobile technology to better engage their visitors, and Cuseum is here to make it easier. Our software platform offers digital tools that allow cultural institutions to publish mobile apps, manage collections, access visitor analysis, and create new revenue opportunities. We are passionate about creating engaging experiences that make museums an unmissable stop
for visitors.

CareMessage: Revolutionize Healthcare Through Messaging

CareMessage is a non-profit organization that aims to improve health care for underserved populations. Using mobile messaging, we interact with Medicaid and uninsured patients, improving their health outcomes and facilitating communication between healthcare providers and patients. With a motivated team and the support of important philanthropic investors such as Google, Pershing Square and Salesforce, we are making significant progress in transforming the lives of millions of

Keela: Simplify nonprofit management

Keela aims to change the way small and medium-sized non-profit organizations run their businesses. With our intuitive platform, we simplify administrative tasks and allow organizations to spend more time implementing their programs. We manage donations, contacts, campaigns and projects, offering tools that increase responsibility and transparency

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