The best light deals of June 2024: complete guide

In the month of June 2024, Italian small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as professionals and self-employed workers, have at their disposal numerous advantageous light offers. This guide provides an overview of the best rates available on the free electricity market, with useful tips on how to choose the cheapest supplier.

How to compare electricity offers

To choose the light offer that best suits your needs, it is essential to carefully evaluate your consumption habits and the specific needs of the company.

Below are some fundamental criteria for comparing the offers of the various providers and optimizing spending on electricity.

Price stability

Some light offers offer greater stability thanks to the price blocked for a fixed period, usually 12 or 24 months. This option is ideal for those who prefer to avoid market price fluctuations

Type of rate

The providers offer different types of rates: monorary, bihourly and multi-hour. Monorary rates are ideal for those with constant consumption throughout the day, while bihourly or three-hour rates are advantageous for those who concentrate consumption in
specific time slots.

Additional services

Many offers include additional services, such as customer support, apps for managing consumption, and discounts for using green energy. It is important to evaluate which of these services offer added value for your reality.

Contractual conditions

Reading the contractual conditions carefully is essential, including activation costs, payment methods and any penalties in case of early withdrawal.

Tips for choosing light offers

  1. Analyze current bills: check your consumption to get a clear idea of your energy needs.
  2. Evaluate consumption flexibility: adapt to bihourly or multi-hour rates if consumption varies during the day.
  3. Compare offers: review the proposals of the various suppliers to find the one that is most convenient.
  4. Consider additional support and services: Choose offers that include services useful for energy management.
  5. Consult an expert: If you are in doubt, consult a professional for targeted advice.

The transition to the free electricity market

From 1 July 2024, the switch to the free electricity market will become mandatory for all non-vulnerable domestic customers. This change promises significant advantages, especially in terms of savings on the bill compared to current rates

Gradual protection service

The Gradual Protection Service (STG) will be applied on a temporary basis to customers who do not switch to the free market. These rates will be based on monthly PUN (Single National Price) values, offering significant savings

After being assigned to the new STG operators, customers will have until 30 June to return to the protected market, but only under certain conditions. The non-vulnerable who will still be under greater protection on July 1 will automatically pass to the STG, while the vulnerable will continue with the
Greater Protection Service.

Expected savings

The simulations indicate that an average family with an STG rate and consumes up to 2,750 kWh in 12 months could save about 187 euros per year, equal to 25.4% compared to the current rates of the protected market. Even free market users could benefit from savings of up to 60% compared to the market average

The best electricity deals of June 2024

Bihourly and multi-hour offers

  1. Wekiwi: Source Energy at PUN + 0.015 €/kWh, fixed fee of 9.17 €/month.
  2. Pulsee: Light FOR YOU Index at a cost equal to the PUN without a surcharge, fixed fee of 12 €/month.

Monorary offers

  1. Illumia: Safe Light at a cost equal to PUN + 0.015 €/kWh with a maximum ceiling on the price of energy (0.180 €/kWh), fixed fee of 10 €/month.

Blocked price offers

  1. Argos: Fixed Light at 0.1078 €/kWh in Band F1, 0.1265 €/kWh in Band F2, 0.0935 €/kWh in Band F3 for 12 months.

Index price offers

Offers that are based on the price of the PUN, ideal for those who want to take advantage of the moments of lower energy costs.

Dual fuel offers

Tariffs that combine electricity and gas, often offering discounts for those who choose to unify supplies.

Offers for companies and VAT number

  1. Wekiwi: Specific offers for small and medium-sized businesses with high consumption and the need for cost stability.

Offers for families

  1. Illumia: Rates that combine convenience and additional services useful for managing domestic consumption.

June 2024 offers multiple opportunities to save on your electricity bill. Comparing carefully the different offers and evaluating your consumption needs is the first step in choosing the best rate. The transition to the free market promises additional advantages and savings, making this a crucial phase to optimize your energy expenditure

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