The Best Internet Of Things Startups In 2023

In the Internet of Things landscape, 2023 is a crucial period for the emergence of the best startups. Thanks to the exponential growth of connected technologies, innovative companies are committed to creating solutions that will revolutionize many sectors. The Best Internet Of Things Startups In 2023 will be those capable of adapting quickly to market changes, implementing cutting-edge business strategies and offering highly performing and sophisticated products. These companies will focus on creating smart devices that integrate seamlessly into our daily lives, making our activities easier and improving operational efficiency in various industries.

They will be able to offer customized and scalable solutions, supported by advanced algorithms and predictive data analysis. The Internet of Things sector is therefore confirmed as one of the most promising and dynamic on the technological scene, in which the Best Startups will play a key role in the development of solutions that will change the way we interact with the digital
and physical world.

The Best Internet Of Things Startups In 2023

Platform Science — Transform the driving experience with maximum technology and control
Have you ever wanted to have complete control of the technology in your cabin? With Piattaforma Scienza, this becomes reality. We are a highly rated company with a 4.9 rating, the same investor as Flexport, a leader in the sector. We provide drivers with an exceptional driving experience, giving them the opportunity to have complete control of our cutting-edge technology. Our unique open platform allows drivers to capture, analyze, and apply a wide range of data, thereby improving performance, compliance, time management, and savings. We are active in the SaaS software sector for transport, the Internet of Things and logistics.

Memfault — Revolutionize the creation of software for reliable IoT devices
Are you an IoT device developer looking for reliable software? Memfault is here for you. We are a recently funded company with a 4.9 rating, the same investor as Airbnb. Our platform was designed to allow teams to build rugged devices with large-scale software. We believe that device reliability engineering is vital for the future of IoT developers and edge devices, and that’s why we created Memfault. Founded by former Fitbit, Pebble, and Oculus engineers, we have extensive experience in the industry. We offer integrated performance monitoring, device debugging, and OTA updates to allow maximum control and proactive operation of devices.

InMarket — Connect brands and consumers for engaging experiences
With InMarket, brands can connect with consumers at the times that matter most. We are a highly rated company with a 4.2 rating. We use verified, real-time data from ComScore from 50 million first-party integrations with the world’s most popular apps to identify and engage consumers at every stage of the purchase cycle. Our engaging experiences lead to a huge return on investment for top global brands.

C3. ai — Transform your business with artificial intelligence
Do you want to transform your company with artificial intelligence? is here to help. We are a leading company in the business artificial intelligence software industry, with a 4.8 rating. Our C3 AI Suite offers comprehensive services to create enterprise-scale AI applications up to 100 times faster than alternative approaches. Thanks to our revolutionary level of abstraction, our services improve the productivity of data scientists and application developers. The suite supports any industry sector, offering pre-configured AI applications for predictive maintenance, fraud detection, supply network optimization, and much more

Bugcrowd — When hackers work for you, you’re always one step ahead. Easily manage highly sensitive data.
In a world where every software contains security flaws and attacks on companies outnumber defenders, Bugcrowd stands as the main marketplace for web, mobile, source code and client-side application security tests. Using the bug bounty crowdsourcing programs of Facebook, Paypal and Google, we have created a platform that combines cutting-edge vulnerability reporting technology with the largest community of researchers on the

DIMO — The digital infrastructure for moving objects.
DIMO is the engine that is driving the development of next-generation mobility services. Our mission is to connect drivers and their data with developers and manufacturers, thus creating the largest and most useful IoT network of devices, starting with cars. We offer a complete solution for vehicle owners and operators who want to collect, use, and monetize the data generated by their cars. With our platform, vehicles connect securely through an easy-to-use API or through plug-and-go hardware. Our technology, based on open source, guarantees user privacy, allows user ownership over the network, and provides a solid foundation for the development of new applications.

D2iQ — The leading independent Kubernetes platform.
D2iQ simplifies and automates the complex tasks needed to use Kubernetes at scale, reducing operational load and total cost of ownership. Thanks to our many years of experience in the cloud computing industry and to dealing with the most complex and mission-critical implementations, we have become the pioneers of the Kubernetes infrastructure. We are present in the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom, ready to offer you the support you need to realize your most ambitious ideas

Raydiant — Create extraordinary interactive experiences in real places!
More than half of the new televisions are sold to businesses. And we, at Raydiant, want to take full advantage of the potential of those screens by bringing the power to push content to any display, quickly and easily. By connecting the screens to our cloud platform, Raydiant puts the control of dozens, hundreds or thousands of screens in the hands of users. Founded in 2017, we have obtained the financial support of important strategic and technological investors, such as Bloomberg, Inc., Transmedia Capital, 8VC, Atomic VC,
and Ron Conway.

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