The best cryptocurrency pre-sales investment opportunities of 2024

In recent times, cryptocurrency presales have gained popularity, mainly because investors can add crypto assets to their portfolios at reduced prices. With lower initial costs, the opportunity to obtain future profits increases exponentially, making presales an interesting field for those who want to enter the world of cryptocurrencies without spending too much. But with so many offers available, which one to choose? This guide explores the best cryptocurrency presales of 2024 and provides key information for making informed decisions

What is a Cryptocurrency Presale?

A cryptocurrency presale is a form of initial coin offering (ICO) that allows investors to buy the tokens of new cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects before they are listed on exchanges. Presales often offer discounted prices and incentives to
attract initial investors.

How to Find the Best Cryptocurrency Presales for 2024

In-depth research is the key to finding the best cryptocurrency presales. Here are a few steps to follow:

  • Online Research: Use cryptocurrency aggregator sites and read news on reliable platforms.
  • Presale sites: Check sites dedicated to presale, but remember that some listings may be sponsored.
  • Social Media and Forum: The best presales will have a real following and will generate enthusiasm on social media and forums.
  • Launch Platforms: Popular exchanges have launch platforms where they promote and support new tokens.

The Best Cryptocurrency Presales of 2024

1. 5th Scape (5SCAPE)

5th Scape is revolutionizing the gaming industry with immersive reality. The team aims to redefine the gaming industry by integrating VR headsets and other advanced technologies. The 5Scape token, based on the Ethereum blockchain, offers strong utilities and staking possibilities

  • Sector: Gaming & VR
  • Presale start: January 2024
  • Purchase Methods: MATIC, ETH

2. Dark Lume (VOLUME)

DarkLume is a virtual world with a gamified socioeconomic system powered by the DLUME cryptocurrency. It offers a platform for interacting in a dynamic social ecosystem, allowing users to obtain citizenship in virtual countries and participate in various activities

  • Sector: Metaverse
  • Presale start: April 2024
  • Purchase Methods: ETH, BNB, USDT, MATIC

3. Insanity Bets

Insanity Bets is making a lot of noise with its presale in progress. During the first phase, the coin’s price increased by 1,700%. Investors have a chance to earn significant passive income once the project is launched

  • Sector: Casino
  • Presale start: March 2024
  • Purchase Methods: USDT

4. Mallconomy

Mallconomy combines community, commerce and creativity in a multidevice metaverse. It offers users around the world a rewarding digital experience, promoting cooperation and artistic expression

  • Sector: Metaverse
  • Presale start: April 2024
  • Purchase Methods: Not Specified


NFTFN’s SuperNova offers an affordable and accessible solution for realizing the full potential of investors’ NFT ambitions. It provides an index of the base prices of NFTs, allowing traders to cover their positions on different Blue-Chip NFT collections

  • Sector: NFT
  • Presale start: March 2024
  • Purchase Methods: ETH, USDT, USDC

6. Memereum

Memereum offers comprehensive insurance for a wide range of digital assets. The project aims to protect users against losses and uncertainties in the cryptocurrency market

  • Sector: Insurance
  • Presale start: January 2024
  • Purchase Methods: ETH

7. WienerAI

WienerAI combines artificial intelligence and canine loyalty in a single global movement. This AI token aims to become a dominant cyber entity, offering unique staking rewards

  • Sector: Memecoin
  • Presale start: April 2024
  • Purchase Methods: ETH, USDT, Card

How to Invest in Cryptocurrency Presales

Investing in cryptocurrency presales requires a few basic steps:

  1. Identify a project of interest.
  2. Complete an in-depth search.
  3. Understand terms, conditions, and tokenomics.
  4. Find the “How to Buy” page on the project website.
  5. Connect a cryptocurrency wallet containing the funds for the purchase.
  6. Select the payment method and the amount of the token to buy.
  7. Finalize the transaction and confirm payment of network fees.

Cryptocurrency presales offer investors the opportunity to buy new tokens at extremely low prices, with the potential to grow significantly once they are listed on exchanges. However, it’s important to remember that investing in cryptocurrencies involves high risks and volatility. Doing extensive research and making informed decisions is essential to mitigate these risks

Cryptocurrencies are financial assets with high risk and volatility. Therefore, it is crucial to conduct in-depth research on financial instruments and to make independent decisions. Before taking any action related to cryptocurrencies, you must study, understand, and comply with the laws applicable in your region and country.

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