The best cat memecoins to buy in June 2024

In the cryptocurrency world, competition between meme coins is fierce. While canine-themed coins have dominated the market for some time, feline-themed meme coins are gaining ground and attracting more and more investors thanks to their huge earnings. According to data from Coingecko, these cat-themed coins collectively represent a market of 2.6 billion dollars and record a trading volume of 257 million dollars, competing effectively with any other category.

Let’s explore some of the most promising cat-themed meme coins
to buy today.

Catwifhat (WIFI)

Catwifhat presents itself as the main competitor of Dogwifhat, a canine-themed meme coin that achieved great success among investors thanks to a long price rally after its launch. Similarly, Catwifhat had a good rally in March after the launch, but the best performance came at the end of May, continuing until recently. This coin recently hit an all-time high of $0.000002291 and is currently trading at $0.000001928, making it an ideal position to buy in view
of potential future gains.

Kitty AI (KITTY)

Kitty AI is another cat-themed meme coin that registered a significant price spike, reaching an all-time high of $0.004906 a few days ago. Despite a 23% decline in the last 24 hours, Kitty AI remains in profit, with a current price of $0.00255, 1025% higher than a month ago. Considering demand and previous rallies, a potential price increase is expected in the near future.

Samurai Cat (YUKI)

Samurai Cat (YUKI) is ideal for those looking for short-term gains thanks to its significant price fluctuations. Currently trading at $0.0004494, YUKI fell 21% compared to yesterday, but it still remains profitable on a weekly and monthly basis, with increases of 80% and 108% respectively. Even though the current price is still 40% away from the all-time high of $0.000752, YUKI shows high long-term growth potential

Gmeow Cat (GMEOW)

After an increase of 433% in the last seven days, GMEOW is now in the correction phase, with an 11% drop bringing its value to $0.002066. This represents an excellent buying opportunity, as the value is bound to rise once the oversold phase is over. GMEOW showed its best performance in early April, reaching a peak of $0.004328, and is trying
to return to those levels.


Cat-themed meme coins are emerging as strong contenders in the cryptocurrency market, offering significant earning opportunities. With prices currently falling, they represent an excellent opportunity for investors ready to take advantage of future increases. These coins are challenging traditional canine-themed meme coins, promising attractive returns for those who know how to seize the right moment to enter the market

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