The best accounts for young people 2023

Youth accounts are current accounts aimed at persons under the age of 35. These accounts, youth accounts, are offered by virtually all entities, both traditional and online and fintech and can generally be taken from a mobile phone with internet access, and with minimum requirements. Let’s look at the features of accounts for young people.

What features do accounts offer for young people?

Youth accounts are a product that offers a significant benefit for teenagers and young people, since they can have a current account, without commissions of any kind and without the need to domicile the payroll or income in it.

The best accounts for young people 2023

BBVA Account

  • Zero fee for an indefinite period
  • debit card included
  • Free deposit with 2% per annum yield
  • Free withdrawals in the euro area for amounts equal to or greater than 100 euros
  • Ordinary transfers and instant transfers without fees

Orange Current Account of Banca ING

  • Zero fee forever (respecting certain conditions)
  • Free debit card
  • Online transfers without commissions
  • free cash withdrawals in Italy and Europe
  • 3% gross

  • interest rate without constraints for the first 3 months, then 0.5% gross per annum

FinecoBank Fineco Account

  • Zero fee for under 30
  • free fee for 12 months for over 30
  • debit card included
  • free cash withdrawals over 99 euros from ATMs in Italy

Youth accounts have no fees

More and more
banks are inclined not to charge commissions, since this is a strong claim when it comes to attracting customers and when offering solutions specially designed for young people, it is even more important that they offer as many facilities as possible. For this reason, accounts for young people are exempt from commissions, whether opening or maintenance or administration. The less you have to pay, the better for customers.

Totally free debit/credit cards

Having your own card is an important attraction for young people, as they seek to have the opportunity to pay their expenses without having to depend on anyone when it comes to making the payment. Since banks are aware of this, they offer debit and credit cards totally free, without any kind of taxes or maintenance or renewal fees. And if, in addition, there is the option of adding the card to the mobile wallet, it will already be the best of the best, given that more and more users, especially young people, prefer to pay through the mobile rather than walking the card here and there.

Attractive discounts on brands and services

Many banks offer their younger customers discounts on certain brands and services when making payments with the credit or debit card linked to their account, which is very attractive to young people, who usually seek the maximum possible savings.

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