Tesla Stock Forecast: Will it rise or fall?

Latest TESLA share price

metric value tendency  
Share volume (compared to the previous day) 33 M superior  
Forward PE (1 year) 69.3 Na  

Tesla Stock Forecast: Performance chart

Stock and period 5 days Ytd  
TSLA +6.11% -40.9%  
shiny +9.07% -55.9%  
NIO +21.8% -32.6%  
RIVN +2.22% -72.2%  

Tesla Stock Forecast: Competitor Analysis

Stock name Zacks Ratings Price target for 12 months Zacks Industry Ranking  
TSLA 3-Hold $962 Fund 42%  
shiny 3-Hold $36 Fund 42%  
Rivian Car Hire 3-Hold $63 Fund 42%  
NIO 3-Hold $33 Fund 20%  
Ford 3-Hold $17 Fund 42%  

Tesla Stock Forecast: Momentum Summary

indicator tendency  
Market data neuter  
volume superior  
Performance vs NASDAQ (5 Days) superior  
technician neuter  
The wisdom of the crowd negative  
Google Search inferior  
Feeling on social media inferior  


Earnings Tesla Q1

• Automotive revenue is $16.86 billion with a jump of 87%.
• EPS (Guadari per share) rose 246% to 3,22,
• Total revenue is $18.76 billion.
• Previously, Tesla also reported their total deliveries of $310,048 for the first quarter.

Tesla Stock Forecast: competitor performance

Not surprisingly, the electric vehicle market does not function on a monopoly. Tesla faces serious competition from companies like Ford, Volkswagen, BMW, Kia, and Hyundai, all of which are trying to enter the electric vehicle arena.

A few months ago, Volvo confirmed that electric vehicles will account for 100% of its vehicle sales by 2030. Automotive giant General Motors plans to increase its all-EV fleet to 30 models by the end of 2023. It plans to offer only light electric vehicles by 2035, while Ford now plans to sell only electric vehicles in Europe by the end of this decade. In addition, Volkswagen has announced plans to develop six battery factories in Europe.

Tesla Stock Forecast: diversification policies

Tesla has announced plans for diversification into countries like India, which could prove to be a huge market for the automaker. The company has been in talks with the Indian administration and is expected to begin operations in the country by the second half of 2021.

The company also plans to expand the reach of its ever-famous Gigafactory for battery and vehicle production. With established Gigafactories in Nevada, New York and Shanghai, the expansion will lead to the development of similar factories in Berlin and Austin.

Tesla Stock Forecast and Forecast: Battery Production

At the moment, Tesla is working with Panasonic to produce the batteries for its vehicles. The Gigafactory in Nevada produces lithium-ion batteries, with the 2020 target of 35 gigawatt hours per year of cells and 50 gigawatt hours per year (5.7 MW) of battery packs. This production could be equivalent to supplying 500,000 Tesla cars per year.

In home-powered solar batteries, Tesla competes with LG, Orison, Sonnen, SimpliPhi Power, and Sunverge. In power grid energy, contenders include Strata Solar, AES, and NextEra.

Tesla’s new car factories are running at a loss: CEO Elon Musk.

  • In an interview, Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed that his new auto factories in Texas and Berlin are “losing billions of dollars” due to declining production. This is mainly due to china’s battery shortage and port problems.
  • Musk also noted that Tesla’s factory in Berlin is in a “slightly better location” because it currently uses traditional 2170 batteries for cars built there.
  • However, Musk expects Tesla to start producing its Cybertruck electric pickups by mid-2023.

Tesla closes its Shanghai plant for a couple of weeks

  • Tesla’s plant near Shanghai is reportedly declining for a couple of weeks; this downtime will certainly add some uncertainty to the third-quarter numbers.
  • Surprisingly, this downtime is not about Covid, but it is for upgrading equipment.
  • This Gigafactory in Shanghai has been closed or operating at reduced capacity since the end of March due to Covid outbreaks.

Morgan Stanley analyst reduces Tesla share price target.

  • Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas reportedly cut his Tesla price target. But it is still bullish with a Buy rating.
  • Its target price dropped by $100, from $1,300 to $1,200.
  • This fall in prices is primarily an increase in the weighted average cost of capital.

Why is Cathie Wood buying Tesla stock?

  • Formerly an investment guru, Cathie Wood apparently couldn’t go wrong and enjoy glowing returns
  • However, in 2021, its investment process seemed to cool down considerably. Its main ETF Ark Innovation and Ark Next Generation Internet ETF also tumbled by almost 60%.
  • But it’s bought Roku (NASDAQ:ROKU) and Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) in recent weeks, and they’re expected to make you rich over time.
  • Electric cars are getting more attention these days from car buyers, as gas prices are at a record high of more than $5 a gallon.
  • Tesla is the dominant electric vehicle maker, with a 75.8% share in the first quarter. Its stock is currently down 38%, but some analysts still expect earnings to expand 43% per year for the next five years as it has been consistently profitable.

Tesla shares rebound as Elon Musk changes workforce model

  • In an interview with Bloomberg, CEO Elon Musk unveiled the company’s competitiveness and clarified the company’s job cuts, as a result of which Tesla shares skyrocketed.
  • TSLA stock rose 12%, hitting a near-three-week high. This year’s equities have been severely battered by concerns about higher interest rates and recession fears. To date, Tesla shares have lost almost 38%.
  • While addressing the company’s current job cuts, he said: “We have grown very fast on the pay side and we have grown a little too fast in some areas, and therefore requires a reduction.”

Tesla announces share split for second time in 2 years

  • To get rid of their four-digit price tags for a single stock, many companies have recently implemented stock splits
  • Tech giants and Alphabet have announced 20-for-1 stock divisions that will push their stock prices to around $100 a piece.
  • Following the lawsuit, Tesla also announced a 3-for-1 stock split, the second time in two years.
  • In April, Canadian ecommerce disruptor Shopify (NYSE: SHOP) announced an unusual 10-for-1 division

Will Tesla Stock beat the S&P 500?

  • Tesla equity investors have been concerned that it has lagged behind the S&P 500 most times in a year.
  • TSLA stocks can reportedly do much better and can actually outperform when markets start to recover and show some upward momentum.
  • Notably, Tesla’s revenues have quintupled in less than five years.
  • In addition, it generated more than $11 billion in cash from operations last year.

Tesla electric car maker increases its cost per car in the U.S.

  • Electric automaker Tesla reportedly raised its long-haul Model Y price to $65,990 from $622,990 after delaying deliveries by a month.
  • This price increase comes as raw material costs have risen, including aluminum.
  • Earlier this month, Musk had expressed a “super bad feeling” for the economy after cutting about 10 percent of jobs at Tesla.
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