STOCK SCANNING STRATEGIES: The Complete List for Beginners

Some of the best ideas for trading strategies come from scans. If you don’t have a scanner included with your broker, you need one. Penny stock trading scans will help you discover momentum in low-priced stocks.

When searching for penny stocks, you want to narrow down your results to the following criteria to help you find the best candidates for each day:

  • Float size
  • volume
  • Relative volume
  • % of turnover
  • price
  • % gain
  • Pre-market gap %

Ideally, your penny stock scanner will tell you if a stock is increasing in the premarket.

You can then organize your search results by your best earnings and volume. This is usually an indication of the stocks that have the most volatility.

Scanning volatility is one of the best ways to find great opportunities. As long as you have a trading plan, your scans will help you find the right stocks.


Another way to search for stocks is to look for high-volume days on a daily chart. There are some scanners that will., for example, allows you to code your own custom scan criteria.

When scanning swing trade ideas, it is recommended to scan gappers, stocks that are consolidating, stocks that are close to their moving averages, and stocks that have made recent moves by 50-100%. This will allow you to narrow down your swing trade ideas to high-return, low-risk opportunities.

If you want some ideas for swing trades, be sure to check out our post on power gains gap strategy. To find them, all you have to do is look for stocks that have dented their earnings.

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