Speed Camera Decree 2024: news, rules and what changes

The 2024 speed camera decree, which will come into force by 28 May 2025, is currently being examined by the parliament, which is examining its applicability and regulations. This decree introduces new rules for the installation and use of speed cameras, with the aim of improving road safety and ensuring greater transparency in the detection of

Introduction to the 2024 speed camera decree

The decree of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of 11 April 2024 establishes the methods for placing and using speed control stations, updating the provisions of the highway code.

The new regulations will cover both future installations and those that already exist on the date of entry into force of the decree. However, they will not apply to mobile stations or devices on board moving vehicles with immediate contestation of

Rules for placing speed cameras

The decree specifies that speed cameras may be installed only with prior authorization from the prefecture and only in areas with a high risk of accidents or where the road configuration makes it difficult to immediately dispute speeding. The fixed stations are placed only after an assessment by the entity that owns the road, also at the request of the traffic police body

In detail, the rules for placement are:

  • The fixed stations are placed only after an assessment by the entity that owns the road.
  • For deferred reporting of violations, fixed locations are preferred. If this is not possible, mobile workstations are allowed
  • .

  • The stations can be located on motorways and main suburban roads. For other streets, the stations must be approved by
  • the prefect.

  • The management of the stations is reserved exclusively for traffic police bodies.

New speed limits for speed cameras

The decree introduces specific requirements for speed limits in areas where speed cameras can be installed. These devices can only be placed where the speed limit is at most 20 km/h lower than the general limit. For example:

  • On main suburban roads with a limit of 110 km/h, speed cameras may be installed only if the limit is at least 90 km/h.
  • In urban areas, fixed speed cameras will not be installed if the speed limit is less than 50 km/h.
  • Speed camera reporting

    The visibility of the control stations is guaranteed by a clear signal, in accordance with Chapter 7 of the annex to the MIT decree of 13 June 2017, n. 282. The stations must be marked with luminous devices or with a variable message, and for suburban roads there must be a distance of at least one kilometer between the signal that imposes the speed limit and the control

    Entry into force of the decree

    The 2024 speed camera decree will come into force within 12 months from its publication in the Official Gazette No. 123 of 28 May 2024, i.e. by 28 May 2025. During this period, additional implementing decrees will be published to implement the planned measures

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