Single check arrears 2024: when, how and to whom

The arrears of the 2024 single check will be recognized by 30 June, but only in specific cases. In this guide, we explore who is entitled to the arrears, how to get them, and when they’ll
be paid.

Who is entitled to the arrears of the 2024 single check

The arrears of the single and universal allowance for children 2024 are due to:

  • To those who have already accrued the right: those who have been entitled to a single check since recent months and who apply by 30 June 2024.

    They will receive the current monthly amount together with all the arrears from the month of

  • March 2024.

  • To those who submit an updated ISEE: beneficiaries who update their ISEE by 30 June 2024 and are recipients of larger amounts. A lower ISEE compared to the previous year indicates a less favorable economic situation, giving the right to a higher check. The arrears will be recognized starting in March 2024
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How to get the arrears of the 2024 single check

To obtain arrears, beneficiaries must submit a new application or update their ISEE by June 30.

  • New application: required to apply for the single check for the first time or after an overdue or rejected application. This requires the INPS to verify the requirements and recognize the amounts due
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  • ISEE update: must be done annually to reflect the family’s current economic situation. This ensures that the amount of the single check is calculated correctly. An update to the ISEE may lead to an increase in the amount of the check and the recognition of
  • arrears.

When will the arrears of the 2024 single check be paid

The arrears of the single check will be paid the month following the submission of the application or the update of the ISEE. For applications submitted by June 30, the arrears will cover the months of March, April, May and June. If the application is submitted after June 30, the single check will be recognized from the following month without arrears for the
previous months.

How to verify the presence of arrears for the 2024 single check

It is possible to verify the presence of arrears directly from the INPS website through the information panel of the “single and universal allowance for dependent children” service, in the “supports, benefits and allowances” section. It is accessed using SPID, the electronic identity card (CIE) or the national service card (CNS). Alternatively, it is possible to contact the sponsorship institutions.

How to apply for a single check

The application for the single allowance for dependent children 2024 must be forwarded to the INPS through:

  • INPS web portal: using the appropriate online service if you have a SPID, CIE or CNS.
  • INPS integrated contact center: by contacting the toll-free number 803.164 (free from a landline) or the number 06 164.164 (from a paid mobile network).
  • Patronage institutions: that offer assistance and can apply on behalf of the user.
  • INPS Mobile app.

Other help and updates

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For more details on requirements, checks, questions and deadlines, we recommend that you consult the complete guide to the universal single check. In addition, it is possible to consult the guide on family bonuses 2024 and the guide on child bonuses.

The arrears of the 2024 single check represent an important opportunity for many families to receive the financial support they are entitled to. It is essential to submit the application or update the ISEE by June 30 to ensure that you receive the arrears due. Stay up to date on the aid and benefits available to maximize the benefits offered by family support policies

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