Silencio App: Complete Guide

Silencio offers a simple solution for earning up to $300 per day using your phone. This app is a community network that addresses noise pollution by encouraging users to provide local noise data. Silencio is built on $PEAQ (with 23 million raised) and has recently concluded the first round of pre-seed. The launch of the $NOISE token is scheduled for June-July 2024

How to Get Started with Silencio: Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Visit the Silencio Site

Open your smartphone’s browser and go to

Step 2: Download and Install the Silencio App

Once on the site, download and install the Silencio app compatible with your device (iOS or Android).

Step 3: Open the Silencio App

Launch the Silencio app on your phone.

Step 4: Login or Register

Click on ‘Continue’ and enter the code ‘coinmarkettik’, then press’ Continue ‘again. Sign up using your email address or Google account to create your Silencio profile.

Step 5: Measure Noise Pollution

In the Silencio app, click on the measurement button. Press’ Continue ‘, choose the type of measurement and start measuring noise pollution with your phone. After completing the first measurement, click on the profile icon to ensure that it has been successfully recorded.

Step 6: Complete the In-App Missions

Click on the profile icon again and select ‘Mission’. Start completing various in-app missions, including hexagons, locations, and daily check-ins. To discover new hexagons, check the map for uncolored areas around your location and measure the noise pollution there. When you visit places like cafes, stores, or offices, check in to earn tokens. Keep a series of daily check-ins to increase your token earnings by 2.5% every 24 hours

Maximize Your Earnings with Silencio

  • Measure noise pollution wherever you go.
  • Explore new locations on the map and measure noise levels.
  • Check in regularly at the places you visit.
  • Keep your daily check-in series active by measuring noise at least once every 24-36 hours.
  • Join the Silencio Discord community to participate in the $NOISE drawings.
  • Accumulate as many $NOISE tokens as possible before the launch scheduled for mid-2024.


Start making easy money today by contributing to a cleaner, quieter environment with Silencio and $NOISE. Download the app, complete missions, and maximize your earnings with simple noise measurements

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