School Decree 2024: all the news in 8 points

The 2024 School Decree introduces important changes for teachers, support teachers, school leaders and students. Published in the Official Gazette on 31 May 2024, this decree aims to improve the Italian school system with a series of urgent measures. Let’s see, point by point, what the School Decree 2024 provides.

1. Specialized teacher for foreign students

To promote the inclusion of foreign students, the decree provides for the introduction of teachers specialized in teaching the Italian language (competition class A-23).

From 2025, in classes with at least 20% of foreign students with language deficiencies, a support teacher will be assigned for strengthening lessons

2. Extracurricular courses

for foreign students

Starting from September 2024, schools will be able to organize extracurricular courses to strengthen the Italian language, funded with PON funds. These courses are aimed at foreign students, especially newcomers, to improve their knowledge of the Italian language and reduce the dropout rate, which for foreign students is
currently over 30%.

3. Specialization of temporary support teachers

To address the shortage of teachers specialized in support, the School Decree 2024 introduces new specialization courses provided by INDIRE. These courses are intended for the approximately 85,000 precarious teachers who already play this role, but who lack the necessary specialization

4. Continuity of education for students

with disabilities

The decree guarantees the continuity of fixed-term teachers on support for students with disabilities. At the request of the family and after evaluation by the head teacher, it will be possible to confirm the teacher of the previous year, primarily if he has the specific specialization

5. Simplified recognition of foreign securities

The School Decree 2024 facilitates the recognition of specialized support qualifications obtained abroad. The approximately 11,000 subjects with a pending request for recognition or litigation will be able to access “ad hoc” specialization courses
provided by INDIRE.

6. New assessment for school leaders

The decree introduces a new evaluation model for school leaders, based on merit parameters. This system aims to ensure an objective and transparent evaluation of individual performance, with a consequent adjustment of the result compensation based on the achievement of the assigned

7. Mobility of school leaders

The School Decree 2024 introduces a transitional rule for the mobility of school leaders, valid only for the next school year. It plans to increase the percentage of places available for mobility to the maximum (100%), pending the entry into force of the new

8. Measures for sports

The decree introduces some measures for sport, including:

  • The creation of an independent commission to verify the economic and financial balance of professional sports clubs.
  • New rules for the functioning of sports bodies, including limits on the consecutive terms of presidents.
  • News on access to the distribution of economic and financial resources in the sports field, related to soccer championships.

Entry into force of the School Decree 2024

The School Decree 2024 came into force on 31 May 2024, after its publication in the Official Gazette. The provisions contained in the decree are intended to improve school inclusion, the quality of teaching and the management of
Italian schools.

The 2024 School Decree represents an important step forward for the Italian education system, introducing measures that aim to improve inclusion, teacher training and school management. These reforms will help create a fairer and more quality school environment for all students

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