Rebel Satoshi Price Predictions 2024-2030: Is It Legit?

Rebel Satoshi is a community-driven meme platform inspired by the rebellious essence of historical figures like Guy Fawkes and Satoshi Nakamoto. In this article, we’ll explore the legitimacy of Rebel Satoshi, its investment potential, and how to buy $RBLZ

Recent data about Rebel Satoshi

  • Past 7 days: -6.1%
  • Last month: -21.5%
  • Investment quality: insufficient data

What is Rebel Satoshi?

Rebel Satoshi is a community-driven meme platform, with the goal of challenging centralized systems.

The native token, $RBLZ, aims to promote unity and decentralization within the community. Rebel Satoshi aspires to reach a market capitalization of 100 million, redefining the cryptocurrency landscape through the construction of a cohesive community committed to

Utilities of $RBLZ

$RBLZ is the heart of the Rebel Satoshi ecosystem. Owning $RBLZ offers exclusive access to a dynamic range of community events, virtual meetings, interactive games, and collaborative projects. By staking $RBLZ, participants contribute to the growth and stability of the ecosystem, enjoying rewards that reflect their
commitment to decentralization.

Rebel NFT Vault

Rebel NFT Vault is a collection of 9999 unique characters from the Rebel Satoshi ecosystem, including citizens, warriors, rebels, monarchs, and recusants. Each NFT represents the unity, courage, and challenge that animate our community against tyranny

Staking of $RBLZ

Staking $RBLZ tokens is a rewarding and supportive way for community members to support the Rebel Satoshi ecosystem. The staking process is simple and allows community members to choose the number of tokens to be staked and the length of their commitment. Stakers not only earn rewards, but they also play a crucial role in strengthening our common journey to a market capitalization of 100 million and the realization of decentralization

Price performance

  • All-time high: $0.01000 (April 15, 2024)
  • All-time low: $0.002276 (29 June 2024)

Tokenomics by Rebel Satoshi

  • Total supply: 250,000,000 (on the Ethereum blockchain)
  • Distribution

    • Audience: 50%
    • Liquidity pool: 20%
    • Rewards: 15%
    • Marketing: 10%
  • Treasury: 5%
  • Roadmap by Rebel Satoshi

    Phase 1

    • Launch of the website
    • Smart contract audit and verification
    • Launch of the exclusive private sale

    Phase 2

    • Launch of the official public presale on November 5
    • Marketing campaign and partnership with influencers
    • Building an Involved Community
    • Launch of the community rewards program
    • Exhaustion of public presale
    • Release of the first NFT collection

    Phase 3

    • Burn event
    • Listing on DEX
    • Launch of staking
    • Release of the second NFT collection

    Phase 4

    • P2E game development
    • Reaching a market capitalization of 100 million

    Is Rebel Satoshi legit?

    Owner Information and KYC Verification

    The official Rebel Satoshi website does not provide information about the owner or team members, nor does it mention a KYC verification. However, Rebel Satoshi’s contract has been audited by Source Hat (formerly known as Solidity Finance), but it doesn’t mention KYC verification. So, we can conclude that Rebel Satoshi’s contract is not KYC verified

    Contract Audit

    Source Hat audited Rebel Satoshi’s contract, identifying three low-risk issues. Here are some findings from the audit:

    • The landlord cannot pause the contract.
    • The owner cannot set the maximum amount of transactions.
    • The landlord cannot exclude addresses from paying taxes.
    • PUSHD does not allow owners to mint new tokens.
    • The owner cannot enable or disable trading or blacklist addresses.


    Price prediction and legitimacy

    Although Rebel Satoshi may represent a good investment from a memecoin fashion perspective, the lack of detailed information and the current market environment do not favor significant gains in the short term. It is essential to conduct a thorough analysis before investing

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