Quant Price Forecast (QNT) 2022-2030

QNT Price Prediction 2022 is $145. However, if QNT gains 30% per month, by the end of December 2022 the QNT could reach almost $300.

Quant has increased by more than 15% in the last 5 days. It is one of the best performing cryptocurrencies at the moment in the last 5 days.

On the YTD chart, Quant is down 25%.

QUANT Coin Short-term price prediction

10% 20% 30% 50%
Oct-22 US$ 146.94 US$ 160.30 US$ 173.65 US$ 200.37
Nov-22 US$ 161.63 US$ 192.36 US$ 225.75 US$ 300.56
Dec-22 US$ 177.79 US$ 230.83 US$ 293.48 US$ 450.83

QUANT Long-term price forecasting

QNT Price Prediction 2023

The price of the QNT token is rising and is heading towards the end of 2022 at over $150. In 2023, much will depend on global market conditions. Some scenarios for QNT are:

If Quant (QNT) gains about 20% in 2023 the price will be at $160 and QNT adds 30% to its value, then we could see the QNT price at $173 by the end of 2023. Quant Price Prediction 2023 is $200.3 provided it earns 50% per year from now.

QNT Price Prediction 2025

The overall outlook for Quant in 2025 is positive. The Quant price is expected to be above $200 in 2025. If QNT gains 30% per year from now on then by 2025 the QNT price will be close to $300 and if QNT manages to add 50% per year to its value, Quant Price Prediction for 2030 is $450.8.

Quant Price Forecast 2030

The Quant price could be less than $300 if Quant only adds 10% more to its value each year by the end of 2030. However, if QNT gains 30% per year from now, the Quant price forecast for 2030 is $1089.

If there is a massive improvement in market conditions and Quant increases by 50% per year from now, we could see the QNT price at $3423 by the end of 2030.

What is the USE of the QNT token?

  • The main function of QNT tokens, which are integrated into the Quant platform, is to grant users digital access to a particular service or application (MApp). Both users and developers have access.
  • The access fee will depend on the predetermined amount of fiat currency in addition to the token count.
  • The total number of tokens required for access to the platform and applications may change based on the value of the tokens and the amount in circulation as a result of the increase in users and the corresponding change in demand for QNT.
  • Since the price of QNT can fluctuate in proportion to fiat, setting the value of fiat asset access fees should allow developers to hold more flexible amounts of QNT.

Some facts about Quant

  • Quant is a blockchain that was launched in the year 2018. QNT is the native currency of Quant Network.
  • The Quant network provides both individuals and businesses with a variety of services. This incorporates the ability to exchange resources through a secure and convenient network. The DLT Overledger gateway is one of the network’s initiatives.
  • This is the first DLT gateway for businesses that integrates with many networks, systems, and DLTs.
  • Several major companies are already on Quant’s partner roster. This includes Oracle (NYSE: ORCL), the Blockchain Consortium, Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA), and more.
  • When it released version 2.0 of Overledger DLT at the end of April, the company was making progress with it.

The voice of the crowd

Quantitative forecasting: today’s outlook

General perspectives positive
Market Wisdom positive
Market data superior
Technical recommendation buy
The wisdom of the crowd positive
Sentiment of the social media network superior

Quant Coin Price Prediction: Performance Analysis

Rsr Gain/Loss
Last 5 days +2.4%
Ytd -73.5%
Last 5 days +3.3%
Ytd +44.9%
Last 5 days +16.1%
Ytd -24.7%

Quant Price Forecast: Market Cap and Volume Data

rank 36th
Market capital $1.63B
Trading Volume (24H) $83.9 million

Quant Price Forecast 2022

Quant Forecast 2022 average price $146

Frequently asked questions

How much will Quant be worth in 2025?

The value of Quant in 2025 will depend on market conditions. However, if Quant only gains 10% per year from now, in 2025 the QNT price could be $177.79.

Also, if QNT earns 20% per year, Quant Price Prediction 2025 is $230.83. Quant could reach over $450 if he manages to earn 50% per year from now.

How much can reach $1000?

Quant’s all-time highest price was close to $430 and looking at the potential, there are high chances of Quant reaching $1000. Here’s how and when QNT can reach $1000:

condition Time interval
If QNT earns 20% per year In the next 11 years
If QNT earns 30% per year In the next 8 years
If QNT earns 50% per year In the next 5 years

Aside from the above condition, if QNT only rises 7.6 times from its current price, it will reach $1000.

How much can reach $10,000?

Reaching $10,000 might be slightly difficult for Quant at the moment. To reach $10,000, Quant will need to increase 76 times from its current price. In addition to this, the following condition shows how Quant can reach $10,000:

condition Time interval
If QNT earns 20% per year In the next 24 years
If QNT earns 30% per year In the next 16.5 years
If QNT earns 50% per year In the next 11 years

What is Quant’s current sentiment?

Quant’s current sentiment is bearish according to our technical analysis. Most technical indicators show sales.

Is it profitable to invest in Quant?

In the last 30 days, Quant had 12/30 (40%) green days. According to our historical data, it is currently unprofitable to invest in Quant. The price of Quant has fallen by -37.24% in the last 1 year, while the 3-year performance of the coin is 597.47%.

QNT Price Quant Price Prediction: Where to buy the QNT token?

QNT has been listed in major crypto exchanges. The exchanges where QNT can be traded are, Binance, KuCoin, etc.

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