Price forecast Looksrare (Looks) 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

Looksrare is the NFT market that offers the purchase, sale of several NFT projects. Looksrare is a competitor of Opensea, which is the largest NFT market platform based mainly on the Ethereum network. Looksrare does not fork version of any existing platform, as its smart contracts are custom-made within a modular system. Look at unique smart contract enable new features without fear of any security and decentralization.

Looksrare offers 20% lower trading fees, i.e.

commissions on the platform compared to Opensea and charges trading fees of 3%, where opensea charges 4%. The platform also distributes rewards to its users for buying and selling NFT. Looksrare said it was the community’s first NFT marketplace where traders, bettors and collectors are rewarded differently. In the list of features Looksrare introduced a new type of interaction such as collection offer, stroke offering, and multiple deletion. This new interaction will save the user’s gas tariffs, as many users find it difficult to manage their resources on different platforms.

Looksrare’s trading volume is setting a new record since its launch and more new users join the platform. Major NFT projects include Bored Ape Yacht Club, Azuki, Meebits and others already listed on the platform.

Looksrare Forecast

Month & Year LOOKS Forecast
September 2022 $0.337
October 2022 $0.501
September 2022 $0.559
December 2022 $0.591
January 2023 $0.637
February 2023 $0.473
April 2023 $0.559
April 2023 $0.614
May 2023 US$ 0.727
June 2023 $0.742
September 2023 $0.810
December 2023 $0.866
April 2024 $0.838
July 2024 $0.976
October 2024 $0.893
January 2025 $0.994
February 2025 $2,179
April 2025 $2,240
April 2025 US$ 2,466
May 2025 US$ 2,504
June 2025 $2,567
July 2025 $2,869
July 2025 $3,322
September 2025 $3,030
October 2025 $2,969
October 2025 $3,473
December 2025 $3,573
January 2030 US$ 7,675
April 2030 $8,153
May 2030 $9.159
July 2030 $8,430
September 2030 $9.713
December 2030 US$ 10.065

Looksrare Overview

Project name Looksrare
Ticker symbol LOOKS
Total supply 1,000,000,000
Official website
Based on NFT Market
Launch year 2022
network Ethereum
Exchange platform Uniswap, Huobi Global, Bybit, FTX, MXCE, ZB
wallet Metamask

See the price analysis

It looks like DAO utilities and tokens of the Looksrare platform created on the Ethereum network. It seems that Token was initially launched to the NFT trader with few conditions, as 20% of the offer was launched into the air. It deals with the listing has set a huge record and is later listed on major CEX exchanges such as Huobi, Gate and others. It seems recorded $7 USD all-time record and during the bearish run of 2022 drops below $1 USD. It seems that the price is slowing the recovery, as the market is ready for another bull run. Looks has great utility, as the NFT trading volume is still low and the largest volume traded is about to arrive in the future. therefore, in the future the huge trading volume will definitely be the favorable price of the Looks token.


Looks open competition to opensea, which already has millions of active users. Since then, the launch of Looksrare many users have moved from opensea due to the rewards and trading fees it offers. However, Whale still uses Opensea, as it doesn’t care about the fees and features offered by the competition. It looks like a new feature like canceling multiple orders, ordering custom, and buying or selling definitely revolutionary lenses. Looksrare is ranked in the top 3 in the NFT market category and continues to maintain this position.

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