PolySwarm forecast 2023-30

PolySwarm is an innovative threat detection ecosystem that encourages accurate and timely intelligence on the malicious intentions of files, network traffic and URLs through precise economic incentives. It involves companies, consumers, suppliers and security experts who develop and refine competing “micro-engines” that independently investigate threats. PolySwarm rewards the best performing experts with its “Proof of Work” precision. The system reduces barriers to entry, offers broader coverage options, discourages duplication of efforts, and ensures interoperability between products and threat intelligence feeds

PolyWarm’s funding comes from the sale of Nectar utility tokens compatible with ERC20, which economically discourage speculation and reward honest participation in the market. NCT is an Ethereum token that powers PolySwarm, a neighborhood association for the recognition of malware. The NCT awards are distributed to customers who provide relevant Internet-based security data, while NCT is used to the voluntary meetings provided by the association. Resources.

PolySwarm Price Prediction 2023-30

  • Polyswarm Price Prediction 2023: US$ 0.02
  • Polyswarm Price Prediction 2025: US$ 0.04
  • Polyswarm Price Prediction 2023: US$ 0.18
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