Partially closing a position on here’s how to do it

The partial close feature allows you to close a specific amount of an open position or withdraw a portion of the capital you have invested in an asset in the past.

To close a trade on, you need:

  • Enable partial closing of trades on
  • Partially close trades for each specific order

1. Enable partial close feature on

After logging into the platform, click on the account in the toolbar at the top right > select “Trading Options”.

In the “Trading Mode” section, click “Normal Mode”.

2. Close a part of the trade on

To partially close a trade, you will need to open a new trade but in the opposite direction to the one you want to close. To help you understand, follow the example below:

Example: You have an Apple share buy deal. You want to close part of the trade, you will have to open a sell order based on a certain volume.

This operation will be similar to opening a new trading order, the steps are as follows:

  • Enter the name of the product in the “Search” box in the “Trade” tab. In this example, it is “Apple”.
  • Click “Sell”
  • A window will appear on the right side of the screen. Here you will enter the volume of assets you want to close
    Instructions for closing a transaction on
  • Then press “Sell” to finish

Once finished, you will receive a notification that the position has been closed, along with the volume and price at the time of closing.

Immediately after, click on “Wallet”, you will see the trading volume changed after closing part of the trade. And your partial close actions will also be displayed in “Reports” – > “Activities”.


  • The Stop Loss and Take Profit parameters of the position are automatically adjusted to match the new size of the trade.
  • If you make a partial close during the market close, your close will be executed when that market is open.

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