Notify when a stock reaches a certain price on eToro: here’s how to activate it

Price Alerts is a tool that allows you to easily monitor the important price levels of the asset you are waiting for the market to reach. How many times have you gone to work, school or just gone out and then looked at your trading platform and realized that the market has passed a major price level you’ve been waiting for?

Why should we use price alerts when trading?

It is safer and more convenient to trade if there is an alert sent to your mobile device or computer when the price has reached an important level to enter or exit. Perhaps the main reason you would want to use price alerts is not having to spend all day staring at charts or watching your trading progress.

By setting up a simple price alert, you can plan your day in an organized way and trade much more efficiently. Price alerts are like your personal trading assistant working in the platform to keep an eye on the market when something important happens while you’re away.

How to set up price alerts on eToro?

We can use price alerts by setting them in the catalog on the eToro platform.

Step 1: Click “Portfolio” = > click on the settings wheel icon on the right side as shown below.

Then, select “Set Price Alert”, the alert setting window will pop up.

Step 2: Set the desired price = > click “Create Alert”.

You can see the bell icon after setting a price alert.

After setting a price alert, you can easily update the price or delete the alert by clicking on the bell icon as when you set an alert.

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