NEO Crypto forecast 2023-2030

Neo is a blockchain-based platform that focuses on smart contracts. The platform allows the registration, trade, and circulation of multiple types of digital assets that are decentralized, transparent and free of intermediaries. Resources are protected by law and can be validated through digital identity, which refers to the identity information of individuals, organizations, and other entities that exist in electronic form

NeoContract use cases are

  • Smart funds
  • AI-assisted legal contracts
  • Social networks
  • Automated token liquidity providers
  • DEX
  • Secure communication protocols
  • Data exchange markets
  • Intellectual Property Trading Markets
  • Forecast markets
  • Advertising markets
  • Hash power markets
  • GAS markets

Neo has two native tokens: NEO and GAS.

Why does NEO have value?

The NEO token is the main cryptocurrency that powers the Neo blockchain and can be used to hold, send, spend, and stake. NEO’s main use case is that it allows those who bet on it the right to vote on network parameter updates. Staking NEO guarantees users a portion of the block rewards, paid in GAS. Gas is generated with each new block created until the network has released 100 million tokens

  1. NEO represents the right to manage the network, while GAS is the fuel token for controlling network resources.
  2. Governance mechanisms include on-chain and off-chain governance through token holders NEO and the Neo Council, respectively.

The best apps on NEO — Flamingo Finance, NeoBurger

TVL DeFi total of $53 million, ranked 35th

Overall, NEO is a moderate case for investments

NEO Price Prediction $1000. Will NEO reach $1000?

To reach $1000, NEO will have to increase 70 times. At $1000, NEO’s market capitalization would be $70 billion. If NEO were to increase at a rate of 25% every year, it would take 20 years to reach

Looking at all of the information above, NEO has a low chance of coming in at $1000. However, a Burn program that burns 50% of the tokens could substantially improve NEO’s chances of reaching $10000

NEO Price Prediction 2023 to 2030

The NEO Price 2023 prediction is $15.3

The NEO Price 2024 prediction is $22.1

The NEO Price 2025 prediction is $33.4

The NEO 2026 price prediction is $47.1

The NEO 2027 price prediction is $57.5

The NEO Price 2028 prediction is $76.7

The NEO 2029 price prediction is $112

The NEO Price 2030 prediction is $160

Where to buy?

  1. CEX. IO — The CEX exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange where users can buy, sell, and trade different cryptocurrencies. It provides a user-friendly site, different payment methods, strict security measures, and a diverse choice of cryptocurrencies to trade. CEX is a major cryptocurrency exchange between traders and investors
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  3. KuCoin — A cryptocurrency exchange called KuCoin is renowned for offering a wide variety of cryptocurrencies for trading. It has an intuitive user interface, accepts a number of payment methods, has sophisticated trading tools, and has a native coin called KuCoin Shares (KCS). In addition, KuCoin provides a referral program and places a high priority on security to safeguard users’ money
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