Metatrader 4 (MT4): how to access it from each device

Created by MetaQuotes, MT4 is known to be a stable platform with multiple tools that can handle the fast-paced financial markets. When MT4 is first executed, it requires the trader to log in with the account information. To access the Metatrader 4 trading platform (PC, mobile app), follow these steps below:

1. How to access MT4 PC online?

After successfully opening and verifying the account, you can log in to your MT4 account by following these steps:

  1. Click the File tab at the top left > select Sign in to your trading account.

  2. Then, enter your real account information (include your login credentials, password, and server). All these login details are sent to you by email once you create your account.

2. How to access the MT4 mobile app?

After installation, run the application by tapping on the MT4 app on your mobile phone screen.

  1. To link a new account, tap New Account in the “Settings” tab -> select “Sign in to an existing account”.
  2. Then enter the MT4 server name and other login details (login credentials, password).

3. How to switch from one MT4 account to another?

Traders can open several trading accounts with different brokers and work with them in one platform. The accounts used are stored and shown in the Navigator window, they are grouped according to the name of the server on which they are open.

To switch to another MT4 account on PC, double-click Account in the Navigator window and select the trading account you want to trade with.

For the MT4 mobile app, tap on the currently connected account in the “Settings” tab. The current account is displayed at the top and all previously used accounts are shown below. Tap its row in the list to switch to another account.

Note: After switching to another account, the trading platform can be configured to automatically disable trading by tapping “Disable auto trading when switching accounts”. This protects against unintentional trades made by a trading robot on that account.

After logging into your live trading account on your MT4 platform, you can access all the features provided by MT4 and make your trading decisions based on your analysis on the chart and with technical tools.

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