Luna Classic price forecasts 2022, 2023, 2025 and 2030

Luna Classic will reach $1 and what are the price forecasts for 2022, 2025 and 2030?

LUNC continued to trade lower even as the rest of the cryptocurrency market moved higher. The trading volume is the lowest since August 29. LUNC will need new triggers to stay at the current level or to move higher

Terra Luna Classic Price Prediction 2022 is 0.000338

Terra Luna Classic Price Prediction 2025 is 0.000811

Terra Luna Classic Price Prediction 2030 is 0.00608

LUNC Burn Update: LUNC 243 million and Count

The on-chain combustion was launched on Wednesday with the price remaining close to what it was before the fire.

LUNC is now underperforming BTC for the first time in weeks. This usually signals a lower movement.

Last 5 days Performance Performance of the last 1 month
Terra Luna Classic -3.7% +191.9%
Moon 2.0 -4.1% +57.9%
Bitcoin -0.5% -10.0%
Ethereum -0.5% -18.9%

Monthly LUNC performance

  • June: +6.7%
  • July: -27.9%
  • August: +126.9%
  • September: +70.2%

Of course, there are many who hope that Luna Classic will reach $1 one day. That level is both a profitable and symbolic goal. So let’s figure out if a $1 goal was actually possible.

Can Luna Classic reach $1? Let’s do math first

Market cap at $1 $6171 billion
Suppose the Moon increases by 20% per year, years to reach $ 1? 46 Years
Suppose: if Luna increases by 20% per year plus there is a burn of 50% of the coins 23 Years

Will Luna Classic reach 1 cent?

Suppose the Moon increases by 30% per year, years to reach 1 cent? 14 Years
Suppose: Moon increases by 30% per year plus there is a burn of 50% of the coins 7 years

Luna Classic $1.10 cents and 1 cent: frequently asked questions

LUNC Performance: Why has LUNC been on the rise since June?

  • The LUNC price has increased in 3 of the 4 months since launch. LUNC’s excellent performance so far is due to a concerted effort by the community to revive the coin.
  • Community involvement went far beyond the stake (like Shiba for example). He went to appoint and support validators, coordinate with partners and so on. There may be some merit in the argument that the coin would recover on its own, but the terrible performance of Luna 2.0 during the same period suggests that alone, LUNC would also languish at the bottom and in fact even die. [$LUNC from 31 May: 139%, $LUNA from 31 May: -71.5%]

Will LUNC crash after On-Chain burning is implemented?

There are several reasons why LUNC might crash after On-chain burning has been implemented

  • The price has increased almost 3 times in the last 3 months
  • LUNC Burn itself can deter short-term traders from trading LUNC as the cost of each transaction increases. This could substantially reduce trading volumes, which in turn tends to have a negative impact on LUNC
  • No major action plan is visible for LUNC after the launch of Burn. No doubt there are possibilities and opportunities, except that none of them is on the table and so far has been voted on.

That said, 65% predict that LUNC won’t crash after on-chain burning has been implemented. There is a growing expectation now as Burn has been launched, there will be a rapid refocusing by the Community on where to take LUNC in the future. Secondly, despite the decline in trading volumes, LUNC has remained above $0.00025 during this period.

Will Luna classic reach $1? What will guarantee that $Luna will get $1

LUNC pumped over 176% after the news that all validator nodes would be active from August 26. It had pumped even more but lost more than half of its value since the peak of the recent PUMP. The On-Chain Burn tax will be implemented on September 21. With burn in place, LUNC could see the approval of more progressive proposals that help the currency grow further.

We evaluate the future of tokens and blockchain based on 5 main criteria: differentiation, execution, community, macroeconomics and other factors such as Burn

  1. Differentiating factors. A cryptocurrency is likely to succeed if it is different and has solid use cases due to which the demand for cryptocurrency would increase over time. Ethereum, for example, is a huge blockchain that has a wide-ranging utility: helping other tokens, smart contracts, NFT, and DeFi. While Luna’s original focus was on the financial services industry, this will need to be reformulated or modified in the coming weeks and months. Solving the problems of businesses and consumers will drive the demand and price of the Token. This is a work in progress at the moment for Luna Classic LUNC
    • Organizational leadership: To build differentiation, strong leadership is essential. We see this with both Ethereum and Shiba Inu. With Terra abandoning Luna Classic, leadership is scattered throughout the community. This will likely change in the coming weeks once on-chain combustion begins today.
  2. Execution: Once the differentiators have been identified and ratified, convincing developers to start working on them would be the next step. Without developers taking Luna in a certain direction that is different from other Altcoins, LUNC’s price may not pump 100x from here. Significant progress has been made on this, but execution is not just about engaging people, but allows consumers and businesses to use blockchain with ease and comfort.
  3. Strong Community: The Luna Classic community has proven to be extremely resourceful in getting things done over the past 3 months. The outperformance compared to the Terra Luna cryptocurrency is sufficient evidence of this resourcefulness.
  4. Favorable macroeconomic conditions Cryptocurrency prices are driven by the amount of financial liquidity in the market which in turn depends on numerous factors: economy, interest rates, inflation, etc. Financial liquidity creates a high demand for the coin as investors try to own the coin in their portfolio. Global economies will take time to recover.
  5. Sustained burn. As simulated in the table above, burning 50% of the coins in 10 years could reduce the time to reach $1. Significant progress has been made in this regard.
CrowdwisdomLIVE Ratings on 10
differentiation 5
execution 5
community 9th
Macroeconomics (Universal Rating) 5
Others (Burn) 9th
Lunc Total Score 33rd
Ethereum 35th
Moon 2.0 23rd

So far, the community has done well on two criteria, but not so well on the “differentiation” element. Macroeconomics is not under the control of the Community or the Luna Foundation. On differentiation, there have been some requests from apps that want to launch on Earth Classic Blockchain.

Will Luna classic reach $1? Luna Classic Prediction Chart (Volume vs Price)

The flurry of community activities between June and September helped Luna Classic. These tasks include appointing developers, validators, validation fees, and passing burning proposals. Looking at the data of the last 4 months –

  • Overall, the LUNC price needs triggers that can continue to pump cryptocurrency, for example: burning proposals, development work, partnerships, etc.
  • For example, LUNC pumped in June after the community became aggressively organized and pushed the burn. LUNC was pumped out again in August-September after the announcement that all validation nodes were activated. The price has also increased on the likely activation of the Burn on-chain tax from today.
  • Over the past 10 days, $LUNC has retreated by more than half, but has remained above $0.00025. Trading volumes decreased by 70%. LUNC Price has held above $0.00025 despite falling volumes, it remains to be seen if this will remain the case in the coming days now that Burn Tax has been launched.

Will Terra classic reach $1? Concerns about Terra Classic

There are numerous concerns around Terra Luna Classic

  1. The arrest warrant against the founder of Terra Do Kwon is a risk factor. However, it’s unclear whether the risk is bigger or smaller given that Luna classic is run primarily by the community. At the moment, we believe this is a minor risk.
  2. So far it is not clear what the vision around Terra Luna Classic is. Will they remain focused on DeFi? Will they differ from other major players such as ETH and XRP?
  3. What is the leadership structure in Terra Luna Classic? Unlike Bitcoin which has a well-designed architecture that truly allows for a decentralized approach, LUNC cannot survive without leadership. It’s unclear how the community will provide strategic thinking without leadership.
  4. Community efforts have completely focused on the Luna Classic Burn tax rather than the direction of LUNC itself.

Luna Classic Prediction 2022, 2025 and 2030

LUNC price forecast estimates are a function of the opinions of various analysts. These estimates are based on some assumptions

  • The recent performance of Luna Classic
  • Coins likely to be burned
  • Luna Classic’s leadership becomes more organized and focused. Luna Classic remains competitive in a messy market
  • Improving macroeconomic conditions

Luna Classic Price Prediction 2022

With Do Kwon’s arrest warrant, there is greater uncertainty about the price in the future. Assuming the community is able to manage without Do Kwon, this is how we expect 2022 to unfold.

  • How many of the Diamond hands will actually contribute to the Burn must be seen. A lack of contributions could actually lock in the price.
  • Apart from that, LUNC Burn will attract a large number of payment partnerships that will further contribute to a price increase in the next 3 months.
  • Macroeconomics are likely to push the LUNC price higher even if the pace of growth is lower than other Alt Coins
  • Finally, we expect the LUNA community to start thinking about other use cases in October-November. This could add further to the Luna Price.

As a result, Luna Classic Price Prediction 2022 is 0.000327. This is 1.2 times the current price. This does not depend on any serious crisis due to Do Kwon’s arrest warrant.

Luna Classic Price Prediction 2023

Macroeconomics is likely to improve in 2023, the community could further consolidate its earnings. As a result, Luna Classic Prediction 2023 is $0.000581. This is 2.2 times higher than the current price.

Earth Moon Classic Price Prediction 2024 is 0.000813 which is 3.0 times higher than the current price.

Terra Luna Classic Price Prediction 2025

A substantial improvement in both coin dynamics and macroeconomics should push Terra Luna Classic Price Prediction 2025 to 0.00110. This is more than 4.1 times the current price.

LUNC Price Prediction 2026 is 0.00131 which is 4.9 times higher than the current price.

LUNC Price Prediction 2027 is 0.00169 which is 6.3 times higher than the current price.

LUNC Price Prediction 2028 is 0.00297 which is 11.0 times higher than the current price.

Earth Moon Classic Price Prediction 2029 is 0.004365 which is 16.2 times higher than the current price.

Luna Classic Price Prediction 2030

We predict that 2025-30 will be the golden era for Blockchains. If this were to happen, Luna Classic Price Prediction 2030 is expected to be 0.00589. This is 21.9 times higher than the current price

Lunc price forecast (scenario-based forecasting)

Lunc price forecast
At 50% per year until 2025 US$ 0.00091
At 25% per year until 2030 US$ 0.00160
At 15% per annum until 2040 US$ 0.00333

Will Luna Classic reach 10 cents?

Suppose: Luna rises 25% per year, years to reach 10 cents? 27 Years
Suppose: Moon increases by 25% per year plus there is a burn of 50% of the coins 14 years

Will LUNC continue to rise?

The LUNC price is unlikely to rise in the coming days due to unfavorable circumstances in the cryptocurrency market as a whole. However, due to the taxes on the chain, it is inevitable that the LUNC price will rise. However, for LUNC to deliver a high ROI in the future, it is necessary to see if the community is able to sustain the momentum and LUNC is able to create new use cases for consumers and businesses.

Can Luna classic reach $1? Conclusion

Yes, Luna Classic can reach $1 in 23 years if at least 50% of the coins are burned, the governance architecture is clear and focused, LUNC’s differentiators are clear, and developers and validators are working to implement these plans effectively. At the moment it could be said that LUNC has made admirable progress, but a lot of work is still pending.

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